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An idle thought

I've had a couple conversations recently about Eric Evan's Domain Driven Design book.  I like the book, I like quite a bit of the DDD approach, I think it's an important book, and I'd recommend giving it a read.  That … Continue reading 

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Can we redefine Unit Test?

It's just an opinion, but I'm thinking that the hardcore Feathers definition of a "Unit Test" needs to be restated, or at least not applied so literally.  I used to get a little annoyed with one of my former colleagues … Continue reading 

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.Net is going to pay the bills for the forseeable future, but I've been spending quite a bit of time the last couple months learning about other platforms and approaches.  I love Raganwald's blog because he's always talking about interesting … Continue reading 

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Funny quote

My partner when asked by Philip Marlowe* if the items on a punchlist marked as “need input from Philip Marlowe” were complete:  “the items that need more input are not complete because they need more input first.” * The name … Continue reading 

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A Rant about the Software Lifecycle

I’m not going to waste your time on another iterative versus waterfall argument.  What I would like to say is that if you’re going to go iterative, everyone — developers, testers, business analysts, project managers — needs to be working … Continue reading 

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I was first dadgummit!

I get an email like this or a query fairly regularly: I was wondering why you decided to write StrucutreMap rather than utilizing one of the existing .NET IoC containers (Spring.NET, Castle etc.). StructureMap was first.  The port of Spring … Continue reading 

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Because You Told Me To Drill Sergeant!

We did a rewrite of a truly wacky application component last year that supplied a steady stream of head scratchers.  Today I walked back into the room from a late lunch and overheard a customer support manager getting a little … Continue reading 

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Creating a Maintainable Software Ecosystem

The blogosphere is full of discussions and arguments on the best way to write and design software.  It might be worth the effort to stop and go back to first causes — just what quality or qualities do we want … Continue reading 

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Developer/Tester colocation, what a novel concept

Okay, I’ve never bought into the idea that the testers have to be aloof and independent from the developers to maintain objectivity.  We’re all on the same team, and frankly, I find the idea that only testers are concerned about … Continue reading 

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K. Scott Allen lists 7 Virtues

Nice post here: 7 Virtues for Software Developers Adaptability:  My tester and I finding a way to make headway when the gremlins short circuit our integration server.  Quote from our overworked IT support guy today:  “It’s fine until you try … Continue reading 

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