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New Job, and Moving to New York

While I'm sad to leave Austin and Texas behind, I'm happy to announce that I am starting a new position as an Agile Coach and .Net Consultant with Finetix in New York on Monday.  Which also means that I've added … Continue reading 

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Don’t Let Your Code Look Like a Tetris Game Gone Badly

Keith Ray on Application Layering

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How to be a Bad External Development Partner

We've been dealing this year with a couple overseas development partners that provide particular business services.  By my count we are 5 months late on the first and 2 months late with the second partner.  We've had a lot of … Continue reading 

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The Will to be Good

I've come to the conclusion that the single most important attribute of an effective software team is simply the will to be good.  Talent can be developed and knowledge gained, but not without the will to get there.  I'm obviously … Continue reading 

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Machine specific tasks with NAnt

I always have to look up how to do this, so I'm going to capture this now.  If you ever need to make a NAnt script branch based on the machine it's running on, here's an easy way.  First, go … Continue reading 

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It’s official, there is now an xUnit tool for every programming language

I just saw an xUnit tool for Matlab announced on –> Matlab & Maple V were my first programming "loves."  To this day, I think Maple is the most brilliant piece of software I've ever seen.  

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Joel & DHH on Selecting a Programming Language

Joel Spolsky has a post today titled Language Wars where he makes some statements about selecting a platform for web development.  He says the standard things you've heard a dozen times before and makes the (very) reasonable case for selecting … Continue reading 

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