Machine specific tasks with NAnt

I always have to look up how to do this, so I'm going to capture this now.  If you ever need to make a NAnt script branch based on the machine it's running on, here's an easy way.  First, go and get the machine name that the NAnt script is running on:

            <property name="machine" value="${environment::get-machine-name()}" />

Then use the if and call tasks to call another target named after the machine:

              <if test="${target::exists(machine)}"> 

                <call target="${machine}"/>


Then simply create a separate task for each machine name like this:

      <target name="TEST-SERVER">

          <property name="database" value="invoice_test" />   



      <target name="PRODUCTION-SERVER">

          <property name="database" value="invoice_prod" /> 


We use it occasionally in build scripts to handle differences in developer workstations (try not to do this though) and server environments without forking the build scripts.

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