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My Programming Manifesto

As some of you know, I started a new job this month as a consultant helping clients to adopt Agile practices.  It's been an interesting experience so far.  Working with people who have different philosophies and experiences is always a good opportunity … Continue reading 

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The Path not taken…

EDIT:  I'm not suggesting that you ship code with known Technical Debt here and I'm sorry that I gave off that impression.  That was not my intent.     Say you're given a choice between two directions: Path A:  Build … Continue reading 

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Brief update on StoryTeller

It's still cooking.  I just passed 150 NUnit tests.  Right now I'm having to veer off into the tools to import and interact somewhat with FitNesse.  My team is getting started with FitNesse and I  think I'll use the project … Continue reading 

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On coding standards

Clearing out old drafts…  Yes, a team needs to agree on a coding standard and consistently follow that standard. That being said, I think the coding standard should be kept as simple as possible and only grow as needed. I … Continue reading 

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Programming language humor I love the Smalltalk & Lisp stories.  It seems right now that *every* single cool advance in programming comes with a couple of old guys screaming that Smalltalk or Lisp did it better umpteen years ago.   

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There are two types of developers in the world

Those that say "Goo-id" and those that say "Gwid" (rhymes with Squid)

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The first step to coding faster

Forget all the Ivory Tower stuff I like to prattle on about, if you want to be a more productive programmer, learn to keep your hands on the keyboard instead of reaching for that mouse.  It'll make the mechanics faster … Continue reading 

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Because I watched too many "Man Law!" commercials during this weekend's football games:  "There must be a stub or a test fixture in every codebase that uses the Simpsons as a theme for fake data"  CodingLaw!  P.S. A consistently effective … Continue reading 

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Announcing "StoryTeller" – A new .Net tool for FIT test management

I’d like to announce a new open source tool that I’ve started called “StoryTeller” that is being hosted on Tigris at  There isn’t any content, but the code is up in Subversion. From the website: StoryTeller is a new tool … Continue reading 

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I used my first closure in C# 2.0!

Okay, it's lame, but still:    53                 return Array.Find<ISystemUnderTest>(    54                     _systems,    55                     delegate(ISystemUnderTest system)    56                         {    57                             return system.Name … Continue reading 

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