There are two types of developers in the world

Those that say "Goo-id" and those that say "Gwid" (rhymes with Squid)

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  • Daniel Moth

    For the record, the correct way is :-)
    GUID – Goo-id
    enum – e-num
    char – char (not car)
    Gif not jif
    schedule – shedule obviously… let’s remember people, the English invented the language, take heed.

    All the other ones form the comments above that did not make my shortlist are for the wtf log. “Eyeteration”? WTF… Now I see where Eyeraq (Iraq=E-raq) comes from when I hear it on American news channels :)

    How about “router” or”route”? Here it is spoken like: soup, you, through, pour, youth, gourmet, would/could/should, tour… basically the same as if it was “rooter”. On that side of the pond it is said like [edited to avoid cringing]

  • Ariel

    There’s also the word “Guib” (the BushBuck: Antelope with white markings like a harness and twisted horns) which is pronuounced ‘gwib’
    Who cares? I’m with Alex: it’s a “Global YOO-nique Identifier” hence GOO-id.

    And you probably want to know what the hell a Guib is:

  • Thom

    Wow, I thought I was being critiqued on my skills as a developer, not my vocabulary. No wonder I can’t get those really high paying gigs (could I abbreviate gigs as GB, since most people refer to storage size like 250GB as two hundred and fifty gigs). Sheesh. I need to spend more time learning how to pronounce acronyms instead of learning how to write good solid code.

  • Bil Simser

    I still will say “JIF” not “GIF” even if the “G” is for Graphical. As for eye-teration, that’s insane. It was the first time I heard it and I just cringe when he says it.

    As for “shedule” vs “skedule”, I say “skedule”. Again I hear people say “shed” instead of “sked” and it irks me. It just sounds wrong to me.

    Now don’t get me started on the whole tomateo/tomato thing.

  • Alex Dresko

    My goodness, there are some bass akwards people in these comments…

    “care” not “char” because char is an abbreviation of character.. and if you were to remove “acter” from “character” you get the sound “care”… Very simple…

    Same with GIF, not JIF.. GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format (something like that).. not Jaffical Interchange Format…

    Think about it, people..

  • Jordan


    From Wikipedia:

    According to the creator of the “GIF” format, Steve Wilhite, the pronunciation is with a soft “g” and the acronym is pronounced like the peanut butter brand, Jif. To fellow employees of CompuServe he would often say “Choosy developers choose GIF”, spinning off of the historically popular peanut butter commercial. This pronunciation was also identified by CompuServe in their documentation of a graphics display program called CompuShow. In the documentation for version 8.33 in the FAQ section, it states:[2]

    The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), pronounced “JIF”, was designed by CompuServe and the official specification released in June of 1987.

  • Jordan

    For hard vs. soft pronounciation of GIF, I always argue that the G stands for Graphic (as in Graphics Interchange Format). The G in Graphic is hard. Hence, Guh-IF, not Juh-IF.


  • Jay R. Wren

    How about GUID as GUI-D. like “gooey” of GUI and “dee” of D.

    It is fun because you can ryhme it with Mike D when making nerd rap.

    I gots my sorted gooey dees
    like rhymes from mike dees


  • jmiller

    Veesta bugs me. This ex-Austinite wants to bring back “Longhorn”

  • Sahil Malik

    Vista versus Veesta

  • mgroves

    Inventors of GIF format (Compuserve) say: “guh-iff”, not juh-iff. I’ll go with them.

  • Ian Horwill

    Lin-ooks vs ly-nux

  • John Woodard

    For enum (which some are asserting is pernounced with a num as in number), it should be pronounced enoom, as it is an abbreviation of the word Enumeration or Enumerate, and saying those with a hard Num just sounds silly.

    This one surprises me because unlike the others, which are made up, enum is actually an abbreviation of a bigger word so there really isn’t any squishiness.

  • John Woodard

    Goo-id is an attempt at using the GUI as the root of the word, which isn’t really a word but a pronounced acronym.

    However, the word Guid does actually appear in the english language as part of the word Languid. Pronounced \LANG-gwid\. So by prescedence the goo-id people are mis-pronouncing the word.

    Let’s not forget the R in Wash for you country folk (warsh).

  • Dave Beer

    The difference pronounciation of cache & schedule gets me. I’m a kiwi who listens to American webcasts, but I work in the UK.

    So I get a little teased when I say ‘Caysh’ instead of ‘Cash’ (for cache).
    I’ve learnt to drop the hard c for schedule though… :-)

  • David Kemp

    pot-8-o vs pa-tart-a?
    Let’s call the whole thing off

  • ScottBellware

    Canuck’s don’t say eye-teration – but other anglo subjects of the Common Wealth do… and rather coarse ones at that.

  • jmiller


    That’s funny, ‘ve always heard Canuck’s saying “eye-teration”

    How about the British pronunciation of “shedule” vs. schedule with a hard c?

  • Bil Simser

    For me:
    * it’s goo-id. I’ve heard some say gwid, but I think that’s just wrong.
    * “jif”, not “gu-if”.
    * “URL” not “Earl” (funny).
    * “ch-ar” not “car” (or “care”, or “truck” or volkswagon)
    * “cash” not “cash-eh” (I’m Canadian, same as “porshe” not “porsch-a”)
    * “enum” not anything else (never heard enoom)

    Also I say “iteration” while a guy at our office keeps saying “eyeteration”. Drives me freakin’ nuts.

  • Andre

    How about those that say it as G-U-I-D? 😛

    so there are three types of developers in the world…

  • shebert

    Sequel vs. S-Q-L
    cash vs. cash-ay

  • Chas

    var (varr) vs. (vare)
    char (as in charcoal) vs. (care)
    PNG (spelled out) vs. (ping)

    I say gif as “jif.” I also punch people who pronounce URL as “Earl.”

  • Haacked

    And the good developers *know* it’s pronounced gwid, jif, toopl, e-num.

    Actually, I’m a poor reference for pronounciation. I used to pronounce “Yahoo” as “Ya-hoo” (“a” as in cat) rather than “Yah-hoo” (a as in father).

  • Andrew Peters

    YAGNI the other syllable – It’s gwid!

  • Chris Brandsma

    Dont forget these:
    Gif vs Jif (like the penut butter)
    Measure (like pleasure) vs Maiser (like Phaser)
    Toople vs Tuple

  • jmiller

    It’s not Spiderman, it’s “Spider” – “man” — for the Phoebe fans

  • Jacob

    I only recently started pronouncing “sub-version” “subversion”.

  • John Wood

    And those who say e-num vs. those who say e-noom.