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Wanna Review Jim Shore’s " The Art of Agile Development ?"

Jim Shore is writing a new book entitled “The Art of Agile Development” for release next year from O’Reilly.  In his words: My co-author and I are looking for reviewers that are in our target audience: smart, capable, and curious … Continue reading 

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You said ‘Should!’

I worked with a great developer one time that thought the word "should" was a dirty word.  As in: Me:  "It should work as is" Him:  "You said 'Should!'" You'll have to make my word for it that the way … Continue reading 

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Bill Gates for President — Think about It (OT)

Can you imagine unleashing an Arch-Developer on the world as US president?  Don't you think just a bit of that "people skills" stuff is kinda necessary?  At least enough to be able to look in the eyes of a dictator … Continue reading 

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The Difference Between Big and Small Companies

Roughly speaking, the first half of my software development career was spent in, or consulting for, Fortune 100 companies.  The last couple years I've been working in mostly small companies.  Here, in a nutshell, is how I see the difference … Continue reading 

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I don’t have time to sharpen the saw, I’m too busy chopping wood!

Title by Steve Donie, my former colleague and sensei for all things related to Continuous Integration and Configuration Management.  I'm suggesting to my client that they need to invest in some CI infrastructure for the remainder of their code.  They're … Continue reading 

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Interacting with a Strange Database

I relearned a couple of lessons today about working with database intensive applications.  Fortunately, I was merely writing test automation code and I caught my problems fairly quickly, but… You should get the System DateTime.Now in a consistent manner.  It's … Continue reading 

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Getting Started: How often should you check in?

Yesterday my team was talking about how often the CruiseControl.Net build ran each day.  The question arose, how often should we check in?  For example, our team of four developers creates about 20 successful builds in a full day of … Continue reading 

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Using Anonymous Methods with Control.Invoke()

  Just in case I’m the only person that didn’t know this, you can’t pass an anonymous method as an argument to Control.Invoke() when you’re trying to make cross-thread calls.  Instead, you have to wrap it in a Delegate like the MethodInvoker … Continue reading 

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