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The Programming Divide

There's a flurry of great posts and comment discussions going on right now about the divide between good developers and bad developers How To Become a Better Programmer by Not Programming by Jeff Atwood Better Programming by Programming Better by … Continue reading 

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Once Upon a Team

In a post last week I talked about the Anti Team.  It was sarcastic, snarky, negative, and generally kinda fun to write.  I didn't want to leave it like that though, so I want to talk about my ideal software development … Continue reading 

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If it changes together, it gets built together

The title pretty well says it all.  If changes in two or more components or subsystems can affect or break the other, you better get yourself a comprehensive automated build of some kind that exercises the integration of the two.  … Continue reading 

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The Most Pathetic Scam Email of all Time

I occasionally get SPAM emails leaking through from this scam: During our investigation and auditing in this Bank, my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to one of our deceased customer who died on July 30th … Continue reading 

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My DevTeach Talks

The sessions are all online now for DevTeach 2007 in Montreal this spring.  I’m giving talks on: The Laws of Agile Design — How to design and write code that makes the “Embrace Change!” slogan a realistic option Executable Specifications with … Continue reading 

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Using FIT Testing

My former colleague Jim Matthews presented and wrote an experience paper for using FIT acceptance testing on development projects that describes the workflow that we used at my prior job.  Nicely done Jim. Fitnesse Implementation Strategy  We were able to … Continue reading 

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Maintainability is "ility" #1

Occasionally, ok often, I'm gently mocked for the length of my posts.  I start with good intentions of making short, pithy Jason Yip-style posts, then think of something else I want to say and 10 pages later I manage to hit the … Continue reading 

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The Anti Team

EDIT:  Ayende's Anti Team additions is funnier than mine.  We talk a lot about how to structure great teams — defining team roles and the qualities that we want team members to have.  Just out of pure mischief, and to fill … Continue reading 

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Practice Like you Play

One of the homilies I had rammed down my throat by high school coaches was "practice like you play."  In the world of sports it just means to develop good habits and a high effort level in practice so that … Continue reading 

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Safety versus Power

Dean Wampler wrote a post called Protecting Developers from Powerful Languages that reminded me of a running conversation I have with one of my client developers on "pointy tools versus idiot proof code."  It all started when I asked him … Continue reading 

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