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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Size Matters

Unnecessarily long methods and overgrown classes are a huge pet peeve of mine on software projects.  Apparently Bob Koss thinks so too in Size Matters. One of the points he makes is that more classes and more methods often equate … Continue reading 

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What about Usability?

  Sort of a continuation of the ongoing maintainability series, it's time to look at some of the benefits.  And rant because that's just what I do. After publishing My Programming Manifesto (about the things *I* was thinking about at the time) post, Scott … Continue reading 

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eXtreme Tuesday Club in New York

Just a quick bulletin, Mike Roberts is calling all New York area XP/Agile practitioners to the new eXtreme Tuesday Club starting this Tuesday, Jan. 16th.  The meeting announcement is here. I always got quite a bit out of the AgileATX … Continue reading 

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Have you ever been here?

I'm only an observer, thank goodness, but I've been there too.  One of the best parts of being a consultant is limited "opportunities" for doing support.    Irate Person:  Fix the problem in production now! Dev:  Ok, can I get … Continue reading 

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Automated Web Testing with Watin

I've apparently been living under a rock, because this was new to me.  Via Hammet, there is a .Net equivalent to WATIR called Watin athttp://watin.sourceforge.net/.  They've even got a Fitnesse fixture built for it as well.  I was pretty happy … Continue reading 

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Orthogonal Code

My employer, Finetix, added my blog to their main feed and my most recent post at the time just happened to be about Star Wars, so I thought I needed to put up my first "Grown Up" post of the year.  Before you … Continue reading 

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It’s cool to show up on Google, but…

It's deflating to google for help or more information on a subject and see one of your own blog posts in the first page of the results.  Google, if I did know the answers I wouldn't be looking, now would … Continue reading 

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Playing Tag

Chris Donnan (one of the guys that talked me into coming to Finetix in New York) says its my turn.  I gotta say Chris, I’ve now got an image of you as Ross from Friends playing the keyboards in a bad Kraftwerk style.  … Continue reading 

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Today’s Remedial Programming Lessons

Lesson 1:  Check the inner exception Lesson 2:  Problems that seem daunting in the late hours resolve themselves much faster with a fresh mind in the morning.  Don't stay late, come in early.   

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Only a geek would notice (OT)

Through the vagaries of our cross country move, I was in Connecticut this weekend while my wife and son were in Texas finishing the packing.  To pass some time I played the Special Edition version of Star Wars.  Right after … Continue reading 

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