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Lipstick on a Pig

I'm a card carrying member of the SOA skeptics club, but I'm going to push for a dose of SOA thinking to my current client.  I do understand the potential benefits of things like BAM, BPM, and flexible orchestration if the entire enterprise were … Continue reading 

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Don’t Let the Database Dictate Your Object Model

Before you go on, I'm specifically worried at the moment about "Logic Intensive Systems" here.  Systems that perform complex calculations, make optimizations, determinations, decisions, etc.  Many, if not most, enterprise applications have both an object model and the database model.  For the most … Continue reading 

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Being afraid of your backhand

I haven't played Tennis in several years, but when I did I had a truly awful backhand.  I would routinely kill myself trying to run across the court to position myself to hit a forehand. I'm bringing up my Tennis … Continue reading 

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Preview of StructureMap’s new Configuration DSL

Mind you, this is strictly a preview.  In fact, I'm hoping to incorporate feedback from this post to improve usability.  I'm adding a new Fluent Interface (think RhinoMocks) DSL to StructureMap vNext for programmatic configuration and wiring.  I see it as an excuse to … Continue reading 

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My Least Favorite Form of Requirements

Just make it work like [system XYZ] does. Ok, and exactly what does [system XYZ] do?  Is that really what the client wants?  You know it's a little difficult to reproduce in 5 months what originally took 10-12 years don't … Continue reading 

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How do you extend and customize a database?

Here's the scenario:  your application is frequently customized per customer, and that means the database has to accomodate new types of information.  My question to you is what do you think is the best (least bad) way?  Here are the … Continue reading 

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StructureMap vNext, StoryTeller Alpha 2, and a vacation

StructureMap  Just a quick note, and to make myself a deadline, the next version of StructureMap will be dropping by the end of February.  This version is about fullblown Generics support, ease of use, and flexible configuration.  The new features … Continue reading 

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Ruby.Net Lives! Is RoR on the CLR coming too?

Funny, I had a couple conversations about Ruby.Net this week and we all were disappointed because we thought it was dead. Ruby.Net Lives!  New beta release. From the release, We have just started work on getting Ruby on Rails to … Continue reading 

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Requirements Quote

from Ron Jeffries on the Agile Testing board I think "requirements" always means approximately "what we think, right now, that we need".   One of my pet peeves working in development is dealing with the waterfall-ish idea that requirements and … Continue reading 

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Composite keys are evil

The title says it all.  There's a section in Eric Evans' DDD book where he spends about 3-5 pages saying that composite keys are bad and surrogate keys are good (without just coming out and saying that).  At the time … Continue reading 

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