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I’m "code complete" on StructureMap 2.0! Release to follow.

The real release will be over the weekend, but I'm calling myself "code complete" for now on StructureMap development for the long delayed 2.0 release.  If you're curious, the bits are in SVN at  I'll make a much longer … Continue reading 

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Dispassionately Disregard Sunk Costs while Making Architectural Decisions

From Wikipedia, In economics and in business decision-making, sunk costs are costs that have already been incurred and which cannot be recovered to any significant degree. In regards to software, I think of a sunk cost as a piece of … Continue reading 

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The only thing I miss from VB6

There was some VB6 abuse from me & other commenters yesterday.  I gotta say that I do miss one thing (maybe two): Intellisense for enumerations was better in VB6 than VS & C# With/End With – sorta I can't think … Continue reading 

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Metaprogramming with JavaScript

JavaScript, even more so than VB, has to be the Rodney Dangerfield of programming languages.  I'm going to blow whatever credibility I might have by saying "I actually like programming in JavaScript."  I'm actually building a lot of the screens … Continue reading 

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New Client, New Project – What do you want to know?

I'm starting at a new client in a couple weeks.  Last time I did this I created My Gameplan for Starting a New Project.  I think it mostly held up with a few exceptions, mostly around the quality of the upfront … Continue reading 

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More testing code than production code is typical, but don’t let that stop you

Ian Cooper recently wrote about the Ratio of test code to production code.  Ian is saying that he's routinely seeing a 1:1 or even 1.5:1 ratio of test code to production code.  From my experience with TDD, that's about normal.  … Continue reading 

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I wish I’d written this post…

Andres Taylor on the Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me Nice.  Via 

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The Don’t Repeat Yourself Principle and the Wormhole Anti-Pattern

Getting back on track with the "Maintainability" series of posts.  I'm doing this way too late at night, so the coherence might be lacking. Don't Repeat Yourself Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) is a statement exhorting developers to avoid duplication in code.  … Continue reading 

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Really fast way to get a StackOverflowException

From some StoryTeller work this morning after using a ReSharper “Lift Superclass” refactoring:         public Test Test         {             get { return Test; }             set { Test = value; }         … Continue reading 

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MVP Summit Recapped: Linq for Entities, MonoRail, and Shameless Name Dropping

Just to get this out of the way, here is my recap from the MVP summit.  You will find something to argue about here, and that’s okay. LINQ for Entities is NOT the O/R Mapper I want today, but might be … Continue reading 

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