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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Linq for NHibernate

I am putting a post together on what we saw from Linq to Entities this week, but let's just say that  I thought the only compelling technical advantage it had over NHibernate is Linq queries.  One of the smart aleck … Continue reading 

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More from the MVP Summit: Go forth and see the world!

There are obviously exceptions, but as a whole, the entire .Net community would be much better off if we would collectively pay more attention to and interact more with other development communities and traditions.  I was somewhat agitated at the obvious feelings of … Continue reading 

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Software Factories at the MVP Summit

I’ve been dubious about software factories for a long time, but I’m coming around a little bit.  I see factories mostly being useful as just a bit more than what people already do today with things like CodeRush.  I think … Continue reading 

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Jay’s TDD QuickStart, and the underlying problems he stumbled into

Jay Kimble, CodeBetter's resident AJAX guru, issued a little challenge to us TDD bloggers about using Test Driven Development to develop a custom extension to the MS Ajax ScriptManager control.  In the comments, Jeff Perrin (you need to blog more Jeff) proposes a solution … Continue reading 

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The Road to Coding Hell is paved with Cobblestones of Expediency

My team is in one of those little jams that seem to happen so frequently near the very end of development.  We have a last minute requirement that requires us to treat a database entity a little bit differently depending on … Continue reading 

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Do you use OSS tools for .Net development?

Just an informal, unscientific poll — and the simple fact that you're reading this probably indicates that you're not entirely part of the .Net mainstream. Does your workplace routinely employ Open Source tools for software development with .Net?  If not, … Continue reading 

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Can’t say that I have this problem

Jeff Atwood has a pretty good rant and comment trail up on OOP for OOP's sake.  I can't say that I have the same problems that he's describing.  Heck, I think I'd like to run into people that obsess over … Continue reading 

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The Business Analyst Batting Average Metric

Think baseball.  I'm proposing (tongue mostly in cheek) a new type of development statistic. We've started to tease our Business Analyst by tracking her batting average for any given day.  The BA batting average (BABA) statistic is calculated by keeping … Continue reading 

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