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Remembering how to use Oracle

I’m using Oracle for the first time in about 3 years starting today.  I thought it would be like coming home because I grew up on Oracle 7.34 and then on to Oracle 8.1.7.  I know I routinely bash the … Continue reading 

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Jeremy’s Fourth Law of Test Driven Development: Keep Your Tail Short

One of the first ongoing lesson for making Test Driven Development succeed for you is to learn how to write isolated tests with less effort.  My Fourth Law of TDD is all about recognizing the need to do testing piecewise … Continue reading 

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Get a Build Server and Keep it Clean

The importance of a clean build server was reinforced for me this morning.  We’re getting ready to wrap up our first demonstration of our executable for users in a different timezone in London.  Everything is wonderful on our developer workstations, but … Continue reading 

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Today’s deep thought

In the absence of any other compelling knowledge, take the message of an exception at face value.  Don’t make up elaborate reasons in your own mind.  If it says the .Net 2.0 SDK isn’t installed, just go install it.  Doh. Also … Continue reading 

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Jamie Cansdale is my hero

I've had a minor epiphany in the last week or so.  For some boneheaded reason I never caught onto TestDriven.Net's "Repeat Test Run" feature until I saw somebody mention it on a comment to Ayende's post.  I promptly went into … Continue reading 

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Self Organizing Teams are Superior to Command n’ Control Teams

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about self-organized teams versus teams that are run in a command and control manner.  My experience and observation is that self organized teams blow the doors off of teams that are tightly controlled by … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought

I'm two weeks into a new project in midtown Manhattan, and I'm using the train rides to do side project things.  Coming home this evening there are a couple things I'm thinking about, so here's a Bare Naked Ladies-style stream of … Continue reading 

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My Crackpot Idea for WinForms Development

Automated testing, especially at an acceptance level, can be a bear with WinForms applications.  On my last project we effectively abandoned integrated FIT testing against the UI.  We tried to go down a path of writing Window Driver‘s against each big control, … Continue reading 

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Bloom’s Taxonomy and Design Patterns

Warning!  Pedantry and self-indulgence ahead! I'm a big fan of design patterns and I feel that they are an almost mandatory subject of study for all serious developers.  I think I'm going to make the "You really should learn design patterns" … Continue reading 

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I forgot to mention it, but there is a new component being shipped with StructureMap called StructureMap.DataAccess.  It's just a little helper component that wraps common ADO.Net manipulation I use when I need traditional DAL functionality (think opening and closing connections, try/catch, … Continue reading 

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