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Today’s deep thought

In the absence of any other compelling knowledge, take the message of an exception at face value.  Don’t make up elaborate reasons in your own mind.  If it says the .Net 2.0 SDK isn’t installed, just go install it.  Doh.

Also remember Occam’s Razor too.

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Jeremy is the Chief Software Architect at Dovetail Software, the coolest ISV in Austin. Jeremy began his IT career writing "Shadow IT" applications to automate his engineering documentation, then wandered into software development because it looked like more fun. Jeremy is the author of the open source StructureMap tool for Dependency Injection with .Net, StoryTeller for supercharged acceptance testing in .Net, and one of the principal developers behind FubuMVC. Jeremy's thoughts on all things software can be found at The Shade Tree Developer at http://codebetter.com/jeremymiller.
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  • http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeremy.miller jmiller

    Oh man, I’ve done that one a few times.

  • http://www.e-Crescendo.com jdn


    Just last week, I had a SQL script tell me “either the object doesn’t exist or you don’t have permissions.”

    So, I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why I suddenly didn’t have permissions to something I had previously. Called over the DBA to look at it with me.

    Of course, I was executing the script in the wrong DB, so the object it was looking for didn’t exist.