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Monthly Archives: April 2007

I’m a moron

I've blown about 2 hours over the last two days on this one. I have a couple of namespaces called "Binding," one in the UI project and another in the unit testing enviroment.  These files keep getting mysteriously blown away … Continue reading 

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Just some thoughts this morning

Just some things that are percolating in my head this morning on the train ride to work that just won't make a real post.  I write some posts for my readers, and some posts just to compose my thoughts.  This is definitely … Continue reading 

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Nice paper on Model View Presenter

Here's a nice paper I found off of reddit this morning explaining the adjustments made to go from MVC to MVP and some historical background. http://www.object-arts.com/papers/TwistingTheTriad.PDF

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Mildly embarassing tidbit from my resume

I was cleaning out my hard drive tonight and found an old copy of my resume.  Way at the bottom of the "publications" section was this nugget that I'd almost forgotten about (read the last word): Published article in the … Continue reading 

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Don’t know about "CodeBetter," but I’m with Ayende

Right off the bat, the "CodeBetter" guys did not give any sort of collective "seal of approval" to the Linq to Entities Framework — and why the hell would it matter even if we did?  I found the Entities Framework … Continue reading 

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Prioritizing by Technical Risk versus Business Value

When I first started in software development the conventional wisdom was to identify architectural and technical risks early on and work these parts of the system first to retire that same technical risk.  I took this to heart after one of my projects almost … Continue reading 

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Introduction to StructureMap 2.0 (Part 1)

I'm assuming some prior knowledge of Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection tools in this post.  The most exciting addition to StructureMap 2.0 for me is the new Fluent Interface API for programmatic configuration of object composition.  There are two entry points … Continue reading 

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On Process and Practices

I’m writing some short papers on development practices as part of preparing for DevTeach.  One paper is a statement of my belief and philosophy of continuous design, and the other paper is an attempt to provide a justification for dumping classic functional specifications in … Continue reading 

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I love the croak of a TOAD in the morning

I started a new client engagement this week and it's a bit different toolset and set of problems.  In many ways it's very reminiscent of my first real IT job (but my client seems to be infinitely smarter than) and … Continue reading 

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Thoughts on Building Pluggable Frameworks

I’m about to start building a new pluggable framework for my new project.  I’ve built several over the years, but I’ve found that my approach is much different now than it was five years ago.  Before I start, I thought … Continue reading 

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