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Build your own CAB Part #4 – The Passive View

When last we left our brave companions, between courses of cheese and fine wine, Athos was sharing his strategy for dividing screen responsibilities by employing the Supervising Controller pattern.  Mighty Porthos suddenly cleared his throat and exclaimed “since I am the … Continue reading 

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Choose your own adventure! Where does "Build your own CAB" go next?

Everyone, The “Build your own CAB” series has enjoyed a very warm reception and I thank you all for the compliments I’ve received over the last couple weeks.  Before I go on much farther with the series, I want to … Continue reading 

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Martin sends a little shot across MS’s bow

Martin Fowler on RubyMicrosoft.  Nothing I haven’t heard or said or thought before, but still, it matters when a Martin Fowler says it. I’m going to (slowly and) carefully work up my thoughts on his post in some depth.  In … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought – May 21-28, 2007 Edition

Just some quick things I’ve jotted down over the last week and change.  But first, sigh… The CAB + P&P Brouhaha The bit of nastiness, or perceived nastiness, over the CAB and Patterns and Practices recent blogging has got to stop … Continue reading 

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What do you use to incorporate JSUnit tests into a NAnt build?

Anybody got some good tips, or a working NAnt task for this that they like?  I use a slightly modified version of the JsUnit document.write(JSUNIT_VERSION);2.1 TestRunner, but it would be pretty easy to convert to something else.   Thanks in … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB Part #3 – The Supervising Controller Pattern

When last we left D’Artagnan he had just concluded a successful duel with a number of screen concerns by dividing them with a masterful usage of the Humble Dialog Box.  As D’Artagnan strives to regain his breathe, he’s heartened by … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB Part #2 – The Humble Dialog Box

When last we left our hero, D’Artagnan was chasing the evil Lady de Winter across the breadth of France trying to intercept her on her dastardly mission when he found himself beset by disparate responsibilities within the tight confines of a single autonomous … Continue reading 

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New .Net group in Westchester (NY) & Fairfield County (CT) Cool, just found out about the new group from a commenter.  Of course the first talk is on an inferior (read not StructureMap) IoC tool, but it’s always good to see how other people do things. I promise that I will … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB Part #1 – The Preamble

Yesterday I made a somewhat unsubstantiated claim that you simply don’t need the Composite Application Block (CAB) to build nontrivial WinForms user interfaces in a maintainable fashion.  I claimed that mere mortal developers can master the underlying design patterns in the CAB … Continue reading 

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Thoughts, Rants and Arguments: My DevTeach 2007 Rollup

In case you’re wondering why the Shade Tree Developer has been content free the last couple of weeks, I’ve been preparing for the talks that I gave at DevTeach this week.  DevTeach 2007 is now in the books, so I’ll trade … Continue reading 

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