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Monthly Archives: May 2007

DevTeach Resources and Materials

To everybody who attended one of my sessions at DevTeach, thank you very much for the warm reception.  I just finished loading all of the material from my presentations to the DevTeach site (or it will be in a minute, the … Continue reading 

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Simon Brown says Software Development is not a Relay Sport

“Software development isn’t a relay sport; it’s something that you need to look after.  “  – Simon Brown at The Pragmatic Architect 

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A better FizzBuzz

I’ll let you, gentle reader, google for the entire thread of conversation on FizzBuzz.  I think I have the ultimate “FizzBuzz” question (at least for jobs involving OOP programming languages) to separate the development wheat from the chaff with one largish, open … Continue reading 

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How many frameworks does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Ok, I spent the better part of today and yesterday writing code and configuring build scripts to take a couple lists of reference data from an Oracle table and put that data into a dropdown in a .Net client via a web service written in Java. I used: … Continue reading 

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Things that just make me feel good

There’s a handful of little bitty and some not so itty bitty milestones on a new project that just make me feel happy. The story wall goes up.  My colleague is doing this right now.  We’ll parallel it on Jira, … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought – May 4th, 2007 Edition

I should be practicing my DevTeach talks on the train home tonight, but instead I’m going to write a self indulgent post about random software development thoughts. I finally got a post onto the Carnival of Agilists.  I’m somebody now. On … Continue reading 

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I was pinged last night with a question about how to do retrospectives and what to be examining in the retrospective.  I think retrospectives are a vital piece of any disciplined Agile approach.  Working adaptively is really only effective with plenty of … Continue reading 

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Not checking code in should make you feel unclean

The title says it all.  You should almost break out in hives if you keep modified code out of source control for very long.  It’s like putting milk out on the kitchen counter.  A little while is fine, but too … Continue reading 

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Silverlight and the new Dynamic Language Runtime is going to rock

I think Silverlight is one of the coolest things to come down from Microsoft in a long time.  The exciting news to me is an official announcement of Ruby & Python support.  Give me a performant Ruby implementation married to … Continue reading 

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