Best blog comment ever

If you haven’t seen it yet, Roy Osherove (one of my favorite people on Earth) has a Hot/Not Hot comparison of tools from the ALT.NET blogging machine perspective.  I’m slow because it looks like the RSS feed hasn’t been picked up in my RSS client so I’m catching up today.

I broke out laughing at this comment from foobar (who if it’s the same person is the original BlogCoward, but this was funny):

# re: ALT.NET – Alternative tools and approaches to mainstream .NET

CVS is hot? Ug. Given a choice between CVS and VSS, I’d rather poke my eye out.

I hate VSS with a passion, but CVS hates me.  Give me Subversion any day. 

Roy, where’s the love man?  StructureMap and Castle/Windsor in the IoC/DI list!

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  • Donn Felker

    VSS… oi vey.. yikes. Its scary, yet its better than nothing. But if I have the option to pick I fall into the Subversion bucket. I love that tool.

  • Eric Nicholson

    “I hate VSS with a passion, but CVS hates me. Give me Subversion any day. ”

    Having managed all three here at work I agree that Subversion is the best option, but have to say that CVSNT with TortoiseCVS makes for almost as painless source control.

    VSS though… Uggh.