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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Anders Norås on C# DSL’s

More C# DSL goodness from Anders: Behind the scenes of the planning DSL

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What I’ve already done to be a better developer

After the last post, I thought it might be worth talking about the things that have already led to me becoming a better developer. Converse – That’s it.  As often as possible, talk about developing software development with other developers.  … Continue reading 

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How I’m, sigh, going to become a better developer

I was perfectly content to sit out this meme started by a bunch of wacky Canuck’s, but Bil Simser tagged me.  It’s not really this bad, but it always feels like you’re never quite as good as you wish you were.  Every time I think … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB #13 – Embedded Controllers with a Dash of DSL

Start with http://andersnoras.com/blogs/anoras/archive/2007/07/04/i-m-coming-down-with-a-serious-case-of-the-dsls.aspx and come back. Just to continue the world’s longest run on sentence.  Before I start, here’s the table of contents for the “Build your own CAB” series: Preamble The Humble Dialog Box Supervising Controller Passive View Presentation … Continue reading 

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The books that influenced me

In an email today I was asked “What books did you find most influential in your professional career?”  Honestly, I’ve been much, much more influenced by the people I’ve worked and interacted with.  For that matter, blogs and podcasts pack … Continue reading 

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Funny anti-XP/Scrum blog

I obviously won’t vouch for the content, but the guy’s got style:  http://softwaremaestro.wordpress.com/2007/06/30/scrum-master-jar-jar/ He says it with vastly more style than me, but to sum up the entire blog:  doing XP/Scrum stupidly is stupid.  Being compared to Jar Jar Binks … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB #12 – Rein in runaway events with the "Latch"

Wow, an even dozen, and I’ve still got a ways to go.  Just to prove that I can write a short post, this one is brief (because it was meant to be a little section in the Event Aggregator post).  … Continue reading 

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