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Trying to answer hard questions about Agile development

My immediate organization (formerly Finetix) largely uses XP/Scrum practices, but much of our larger parent organization is still new to Agile development.  Since more and more clients are asking for Agile project delivery, several of my coworkers and I were asked to … Continue reading 

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StoryTeller Beta 0.7 Is Here! Come and get it!

I owe some folks a couple blog posts, but I had to get this puppy out of the way.  This white whale is swimming free, but I’ve got StoryTeller in my harpoon sights. I announced StoryTeller nearly a year ago … Continue reading 

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I’ve heard this story before

“It started as a prototype, but got pushed into production” All of the very worst systems I’ve worked with have an origination story that can be summed up by the 10 words above.  If you hear these words, either run or go … Continue reading 

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Don’t ever, ever build domain objects that can’t…

…run without the database — Active Record implementations like Trade trade = new Trade(“tradeId”) where the constructor immediately reaches into the database to grab the rest of its properties.  One of the reasons that I won’t use the Entity Framework … Continue reading 

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I’m looking for some Beta testers for StoryTeller (OSS tool for Fit testing)

If anybody’s game, I’m making the first beta release of StoryTeller next week.  I’ll use the latest version over the next week at work to work out the kinks, but other sets of eyes would be appreciated.  If you’re interested, … Continue reading 

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To all of you Functional Programming gurus out there

What’s some examples of programming problems that would be good for learning functional programming?  I’m looking for categories of problems that are better addressed with functional programming instead of OO. I’m thinking about using F# as part of StoryTeller to write … Continue reading 

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I love JetBrains

“Develop with pleasure”  — Says it all.  I’m dipping into a legacy .Net 1.1 codebase for the next month and lo and behold, discovered that my templates from .Net 2.0/ReSharper 2.5 work just fine in .Net 1.1 (except for the … Continue reading 

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So much wrong in one little statement

I’m completely blocked from personal email at work, but I can see the headers come across.  I just got one with this message: Start earning the salary you deserve by obtaining the proper credentials! A.)  “Earning the salary you deserve” … Continue reading 

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Test Automation Week — Fail Fast or Just Plain Fail

Let me start with a little story from a couple years ago.  My team inherited a less than desirable codebase from another team* .  There were some blackbox regression tests that we could use as a safety net, but we found … Continue reading 

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Test Automation Week

My wife and son are going away for two weeks soon to visit family in Texas.  I’m seizing the opportunity to fire up ye olde XBox finally wrap up StoryTeller 1.0 (basically a tool for maximizing the usefulness of Fit testing and … Continue reading 

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