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Just some little fundamental things to help you CodeBetter

I’m a big believer in learning the fundamentals of coding and design.  To me, things like design patterns, design principles, and code smells are more important to learn than specific technologies.  To paraphrase a conversation I had yesterday, I think it’s … Continue reading 

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The difference between Jeffrey Palermo and I

Just before we all get to ALT.NET, I’d thought I’d try to explain how you can tell the difference between the two of us since we’re frequently mistaken for each other just like Fozzie and Kermit in the Great Muppet Caper. … Continue reading 

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Fire your best people

Points for using Office Space.  Fire your best people…reward the lazy ones.  via Reddit. There’s a longstanding aggravation about the guy who goes first dashing out awful code, but being a hero to management and the business while the maintainers … Continue reading 

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I’m speaking at DevTeach Vancouver

I thoroughly enjoyed DevTeach the first time around and hope Vancouver goes just as well.  I’m giving three talks over the first two days in the Agile track: Creating a Maintainable Software Ecosystem — All the build, test, and configuration management … Continue reading 

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Silly thing I want from Ruby in C#

The trailing comma should be legal after the last array element like Ruby:  string[] names = new string[]{ “a”,   }; Trivial, but helpful here and there.

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The occasional attraction of TypeMock & Duck Typing

// virtual for self-mocking public virtual IMeasureCalculation CreateCalculation(string productType, IMeasurable measures)   Look at the bolded part.  Noise in the code for no other reason than to let an opportunistic usage of self mocking slip through the blasted compiler.

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ALT.NET in Austin and beyond

In a couple weeks, myself and about a hundred some odd other folks are converging on Austin for the ALT.NET Open Spaces event.  Just to get myself ready, here are the things I’m thinking about before we all get there. The most … Continue reading 

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Wrestling with pure evil

1.) Very long method + 2.) Non descriptive variable names +  3.) Variables are reused for different things throughout the method +  4.) Lots of if/then exception cases + 5.) Deeply nested Arrowhead code + 6.) All data stored in Hashtable’s — … Continue reading 

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Is there a good reason to switch to MSBuild?

I have a new coworker (hey Sheraz!) the last couple weeks who’s hellbent on becoming a development guru overnight.  He’s keeping me on my toes with a bevy of questions.  Today’s question was “why are we using NAnt instead of … Continue reading 

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Lesson Re-Learned

Two lessons relearned/reinforced.  One in the positive and one in the negative. 1.) When working in a strange codebase, make no assumptions about the way that it works internally.  I got burned a little bit yesterday because I had made … Continue reading 

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