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Fire your best people

Points for using Office Space.  Fire your best people…reward the lazy ones.  via Reddit.

There’s a longstanding aggravation about the guy who goes first dashing out awful code, but being a hero to management and the business while the maintainers coming behind the hero are goats for being slower working with the bad code.  Life isn’t fair — unless you count the times you dropped off bad code on someone else.

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Jeremy is the Chief Software Architect at Dovetail Software, the coolest ISV in Austin. Jeremy began his IT career writing "Shadow IT" applications to automate his engineering documentation, then wandered into software development because it looked like more fun. Jeremy is the author of the open source StructureMap tool for Dependency Injection with .Net, StoryTeller for supercharged acceptance testing in .Net, and one of the principal developers behind FubuMVC. Jeremy's thoughts on all things software can be found at The Shade Tree Developer at http://codebetter.com/jeremymiller.
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  • http://vikasnetdev.blogspot.com/2006/10/why-are-all-great-developers-not-best.html Vikas Kerni

    This post reminded me of my old post

    Why are all great developers not the best Architects and vice-versa?


  • http://vikasnetdev.blogspot.com/2007/09/fire-you-best-people.html Vikas Kerni

    Lazy ones do get hard time at start of project by Management. But once they are spoted, they are awarded with complex assignments, where as fast ones only get the routines programming assignment. (Some people may not consider complex assignments as awards).


  • http://blog.donnfelker.com/ Donn Felker

    I could not agree more.