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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Testers are pigs

For the sake of this post, let’s just assume that testers and developers are just one big happy family with the shared goal of shipping working software.  On rereading this post it’s definitely preachy, but I’ve been burned in the past by … Continue reading 

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The ugliest code ever

Before I could stop my errant mouse clicking index finger this morning I stumbled into the generated code for a strongly typed DataSet this morning.  You know the orange bars that ReSharper puts into the vertical scroll bar to denote … Continue reading 

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Godspeed Mr. Jordan (OT)

It was a sad day for me.  Wheel of Time author Robert Jordan passed away today from a rare blood disease.  It sounds like he’s left the manuscript for the last book in order for someone else to finish.  Let’s … Continue reading 

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Having a Captain Ahab moment

All developers are susceptible to the Captain Ahab moment.  That one little thing in your system you just can’t seem to make work.  The ever elusive white whale circling the boat, taunting you with your impotence.  Productivity crashes and burns in … Continue reading 

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Illustrating the importance of teamwork by looking at dysfunctional projects

Most of this post is a repeat from my original blog in the mists of time (2005).  I’ve written a lot about teamwork the last several months because it’s something that I feel is both important and lacking at my current client.  Say you have a guru … Continue reading 

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Scrum is fine, but don’t leave the XP at home

Don’t read this post as a criticism of Scrum per se, I’m just concerned that the popularity of Scrum is somewhat watering down the Agile movement.  The last couple years I’ve noticed a huge uptick in interest in Scrum and far less … Continue reading 

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I still think BDD needs a bit of V-Model thinking

I got taken to task a little bit for my Double D post by Scott and Nat Pryce.  From Nat, emphasis mine: The fundamental basis of TDD is that you drive all development from tests.  That is, you don’t write … Continue reading 

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Dependency Injection Tools still have some good years left…

  …as long as we’re writing code in a static typed language anyway.  Dependency Injection the pattern isn’t going away, but it’s full time to reconsider Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control tools. A couple weeks ago there was quite … Continue reading 

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Has Agile Crossed the Chasm? (No.)

There’s another one of those Agile adoption surveys going around that will undoubtedly show that Agile has definitely crossed the chasm.  Regardless of what the survey ends up saying, it’s just wishful thinking.  Sure Agile adoption is much more common than five … Continue reading 

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BDD, TDD, and the other Double D’s

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) has been a pretty big topic in some of the email groups I lurk in.  I’m seeing BDD cast as a whole new paradigm of development, where as I see BDD as an evolution of TDD with … Continue reading 

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