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Be not afraid of the Visitor, the big, bad Composite, or their little friend Double Dispatch

Last week or so there was a thread on the altnetconf message board that about a usage of the Visitor pattern for validating a hierarchy of objects.  At work I’m using the Visitor pattern with some frequency in my financial projects … Continue reading 

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How you’re writing WinForms apps – The results

Last time I asked the question “How are you building WinForms applications?” just to get a sense of how everyone else is doing things.  Here’s my tabulation of results with some comments below.  I had to apply some interpretation here, … Continue reading 

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What should the Patterns and Practices team be doing?

Glenn Block is asking for community feedback on what we want the Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft to be.  The loudmouths on the altnetconf board have had our say, so now go and add yours.

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How are you building WinForms applications? What’s hard about it?

Just an unscientific poll because I don’t get to talk to too many other people building larger enterprise applications with WinForms. How are you structuring your WinForms application?  Passive View MVP?  Supervising Controller MVP?  Atomic Object’s Presenter First MVP?  Presentation … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB #15 – MicroControllers

After a bit of a hiatus and a fair amount of pestering, I’m back and ready to continue the “Build you own CAB” series.  The point isn’t really to go build a drop in replacement for the Composite Application Block (CAB), but … Continue reading 

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It’s Smart to Challenge the ASP.NET Status Quo

One of my personal goals for our little ALT.NET movement is simply challenging the status quo for building .Net applications.  We might end up exactly where we started from, but let’s at least take a look around for other alternatives and … Continue reading 

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On the off chance you haven’t seen this

I’ve got to remember to check my Dilbert feed more often.

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Best of the Shade Tree Developer Part II

About a year ago I hit a patch where I wasn’t able to blog much (something about finding a new job and planning to move cross country).  To bide time, I published Best of the Shade Tree Developer (with actual … Continue reading 

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F# is getting productionalized

Very cool.  I’d say the idea of using F# for real projects is getting closer to a pragmatic reality.

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I hope I build software someday that lasts like Clipper

It might really be something else, but have you ever noticed how many retail systems with Clipper (or FoxPro?) frontends are still going strong?  As far as I know Clipper’s been strictly legacy for 10+ years, but that code’s still ticking.  … Continue reading 

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