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Resources from my DevTeach talks

To everybody that attended one of my talks at DevTeach this week.  All of the materials are now online for download at the DevTeach website.  If there’s something else you find missing or just want to find, please drop a … Continue reading 

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What do you want in C# vNext?

I’m somewhat of the opinion that static typed languages are closing in on being an evolutionary dead end, but let’s just say that C# is still important for the foreseeable future.  That being said, what do you want for C# … Continue reading 

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See you all at DevTeach Vancouver

DevTeach is a week away, but I’m going mostly offline for the upcoming Thanksgiving week.  Just in case you’ve wondered, there are still some places in the continental US where the internet doesn’t yet reach — like my grandparent’s farm … Continue reading 

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Welcome Ian Cooper to CodeBetter

And let’s have a big round of applause for Ian Cooper, our newest CodeBetter blogger.  Several of us CodeBetter bloggers met Ian at a conference this past spring and instantly recognized a kindred spirit.  I’m thrilled to announce that Ian … Continue reading 

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Little observations

Stale code is dangerous.  My poor colleague tried to merge code from a class that’s basically a directives file today.  He had kept his code out for a month.  When I was much younger my father would gently mock me … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought: November 13th, 2007 Edition

I’m cheating here, because I’m writing this from my kitchen table.  My current client is one of the big investment banks.  While I’m not too enthusiastic about their culture, I can seriously get into having all the banking holidays off.  … Continue reading 

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Don’t think you know more than you do

On the train this morning I was working on my DevTeach talk about doing design on an Agile project.  I’m trying to explain the concepts of the Last Responsible Moment and delaying technical commitment in terms of Lean Programming.  Part of the … Continue reading 

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Funny quotes about old programming languages

If you are a COBOL guy, doen’t get too upset because it all comes around.  If you really want to see a language put down, read what the Ruby community or functional programming gurus say about Java (and C# by inference). For the … Continue reading 

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I don’t know why, but this just makes me optimistic about humanity

From Ajaxian.  Two competing JavaScript libraries have learned to peacefully share the “$” function.  That’d be a great Sesame Street skit if anybody but geeky developers understood the reference.

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ALT.NET in Italy

Check it out: Nothing stopping from doing your own, or setting up a SIG under your .Net user group.

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