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What I want in the new year

Getting the negativity out of my system before the end of the year comes with the promise of a new day and a fresh start in a new position.  I was going to call this something like a developer’s bill … Continue reading 

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My favorite new blog of 2007

New bloggers come all the time (and old ones stop producing), but my favorite new blog for 2007 was definitely Max Pool of Codesqueeze. Here’s his self-compiled Best of Codesqueeze 2007. 

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Back to Austin (OT)

Last year my family & I made the move from Austin to the NYC area.  I’ve had a very pleasant run at Sungard FST (Finetix), and would happily recommend them if you’re interested in doing development in the financial arena.  From a personal … Continue reading 

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The Wheel of Time will go on (Off Topic)

Not development related, but some of you are probably interested: Robert Jordan’s wife has selected an author to finish the last WoT book: 

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Cool new way to write more expressive testing DSL’s in FitnesseDotNet

Check out Kenneth Kasajian’s new PhraseFixture idea for more readable Fit style tests.  Two thumbs up from me Kenneth.  

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The Dependency Injection Application Block from Patterns and Practices

In case you’ve missed it, Grigori Melnik has announced that the forthcoming version of the EntLib will include a new application block for Dependency Injection.  I know there’s been some level of disquiet about this announcement in ALT.NETish circles, but … Continue reading 

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My pick for altnetconf quote of the day

From James Gregory: “…if we only code to what the lowest-common-denominator can do then we’re never going to get anywhere. “ The context of this quote is doing a rehash of the old DataSet versus anything else argument.  One pro-DataSet argument … Continue reading 

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TDD/BDD and Design by Contract: I don’t really see any conflict between the two

I found an interesting link today from Mario Gleichmann called Test Driven Development and Design By Contract – friend or foe?.  I’ve always been lukewarm toward Design by Contract (DbC).  Occasionally I’ll run into claims from DbC enthusiasts that using DbC completely … Continue reading 

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Spring loading your IoC Container

Ayende has a post up this morning called Inverting Inversion of Control where he talks about registering services with an IoC container at runtime.  Ayende is specifically saying that this technique is useful for injecting services that you either can’t … Continue reading 

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Alt.Net.UK has been announced

Check it out here on Ben Hall’s blog.  I won’t be able to go, but I’m looking forward to reading the recaps from the other side of the Atlantic. The official website is

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