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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Do you really know where that code has been?

Last week I did a talk at DevTeach called “Creating a Maintainable Software Ecosystem” (the slide deck is here).  On one of my slides I had the following bullet point: NEVER build and deploy from a developer environment Even though it … Continue reading 

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A Microcosm of Agile Design

Last week at DevTeach I did a talk entitled “How does Design get done on an Agile Project?”  In the talk I tried to explain and defend the way that we design software on Agile/Lean projects.  Among the issues that I … Continue reading 

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Microsoft P&P is building a new IoC/DI tool — and I’m okay with that

In case you haven’t already seen the announcement or Ayende’s denouncement, the Patterns and Practices team is going to build a new Dependency Injection Application Block as part of the next wave of the Enterprise Library.  As the primary builder of one … Continue reading 

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