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Jeremy hearts C# 3.0

Never let it be said that I can’t say something nice about a Microsoft product.  I’m not enthusiastic about VS2008 itself until ReSharper 4.0 is here and stable, but the new language features rock!  I haven’t even touched any of … Continue reading 

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I’ve got the Iteration #1 Blues

I saw somebody else complaining about how rough iteration 1 is.  Experience has taught me to be very, very pessimistic about how much recognizable business value gets created in Iteration #1, but I’m still surprised by how slow it’s going … Continue reading 

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Interception techniques in StructureMap 2.5

The 2.5 release of StructureMap is at least 6 weeks away, but I’d like to throw some more stuff out to get some feedback while I’ve got plenty of time to deviate.  I’m building in much more interception capabilities into … Continue reading 

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I’m feeling a little bit old

I’ve never felt like one of the hoary old veteran developers that prattle on about coding on some sort of hardware I’ve never even heard of.  I do feel a little bit old today though.  I just saw a post … Continue reading 

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Should I Blog?

I’ve been asked several times over the past month “Should I start a blog?  What if…?”  The answer is yes, you should.  Or more accurately, if you’re interested in blogging you shouldn’t feel afraid to blog.  Here’s a rundown of … Continue reading 

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You want examples for Build your own CAB? Here they are.

Rob Kitson has put together a set of code examples that demonstrate the screen patterns mentioned in the BYOC series.  Read more about it at Keeping UI construction DRY.   Thanks Rob! 

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Some new ways to build objects in StructureMap with less configuration

I’m getting close to code complete on the forthcoming 2.5 release of StructureMap and I’m focusing on ease of use features and fullblown interception support for AOP tooling (runtime AOP to be provided by something else though).  StructureMap has had … Continue reading 

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Interviewing thread on altdotnet

There’s yet another thread going on the altdotnet list about interview questions and techniques.  This message in particular caught my attention because I think it’s so true: One risk of questions like these is that they lead you to candidates … Continue reading 

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Lord Jim is blogging about Test Automation

If you’re interested in test automation or testing in an Agile world, Jim Mathews has started a new blog at  The first post up is:  How to start writing web test scripts with Ruby and Watir.  Jim was the tester … Continue reading 

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TypeMock isn’t too powerful, and "Designing for Testability" is much more than merely mocking anyway

Roy has a post up today about TypeMock, testability, and DI.  The age old (ok, it just seems like we’ve been arguing over this for decades) question comes up again “is TypeMock too powerful?”  First, let’s go pro-TypeMock because the … Continue reading 

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