ALT.NET defined in C# Gibberish

From Ayende on altdotnet:

public abstract class AltDotNet : Agile<DotNet>,
IWantMixinDamnIt, IWantMethodMissing, IDontLikeRadAndUnma
intainableTools {}


Add an implementation of AltDotNet : ImSickOfUglyCodeIWantLanguageOrientedProgrammingInsteadOfAngleBracketsAndCompilerNoiseInMyCode

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  • Jeremy D. Miller


    I’m happy to keep C#. Just with MS would put more into IronRuby.

  • Craig Bowes

    I don’t want “method missing.” I like the compiler to tell me that most of the time.

    you Ruby people…

  • Adron

    All I can really say is, “Egads.”

  • Derik Whittaker

    Ayende rocks :)

    Or just has a screw loose.