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Monthly Archives: January 2008

The lamest way to try to win an argument

“Well, I just always use whatever is best for the situation.” or “I’m more pragmatic than that” or “you’re just a zealot” Lame.  And useless.  All those statements are is an admission that you’re tired of arguing and you refuse … Continue reading 

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Spiking a new syntax for integration tests. Whaddaya think?

Hello, my name is Jeremy, and I sometimes write unit tests specifications that are uglier than sin.  Specifically, when I started to look back at the interaction style tests I’ve been writing over the past couple years I’m finding a … Continue reading 

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Is it time to make IoC/DI tooling part of the BCL?

 I’m in Redmond this week helping out Patterns and Practices with a focus group on the WPF Composite guidance that is going to be the successor to the CAB.  Modular development is on everybody’s mind here, and the de facto … Continue reading 

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Using StructureMap to build a class that isn’t registered with the container

I had a query this morning about this.  Say you’re working in the new MVC framework and you write your own routing engine that has a syntax like this: Route(“some string pattern”).IsHandledBy<MyController>(); Route(“some other string pattern”).IsHandledBy<AnotherController>(); Each Controller has its … Continue reading 

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Breaking News: Java trounces .Net in OSS activity

Obviously, this isn’t breaking news.  I saw this set of figures from Ohloh this morning.  If you’re not familiar with it, Ohlog is a website that tracks information about Open Source development projects by scanning the major OSS sites like … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB: It’s mostly fundamental

Yesterday I was part of a lot of conversations about building composite desktop applications.  The people in attendance are building a myriad array of large desktop clients and they’re facing some substantial challenges.  Offhand, I remember hearing: The desire to reuse … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB #17: Boil down the "wiring" to a Registry

The other umpteen parts of the series are here in the Table of Contents.  A large part of building a composite application is “wiring” the pieces together.  You’re wiring views to presenters, commands to menus, and security rules to elements … Continue reading 

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Superman without the yellow sun

This is just a post to gripe and commiserate with each other.   Everybody knows that Superman is nearly crippled by the presence of Kryptonite.  What we might forget is that Superman’s powers are derived from exposure to the yellow … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB: Extensible Pub/Sub Event Aggregator with Generics

There’s been a bit of chatter today on the altdotnet list about whether to use the CAB, another framework, or roll your own.  It seemed like a good time to get off my duff and start writing some new installments … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET defined in C# Gibberish

From Ayende on altdotnet: public abstract class AltDotNet : Agile<DotNet>, IWantMixinDamnIt, IWantMethodMissing, IDontLikeRadAndUnma intainableTools {}   Add an implementation of AltDotNet : ImSickOfUglyCodeIWantLanguageOrientedProgrammingInsteadOfAngleBracketsAndCompilerNoiseInMyCode 

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