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Will we ever learn?

I met a friend yesterday for lunch that works for one of my former employers.  I left this place five years ago because my division of IT had devolved into complete madness.  I’ve written about the organization several times, most … Continue reading 

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Back home, and back home

Just to let everyone know, I’m finally back in Austin.  The long drive from Connecticut to Austin went as smoothly as it could possibly go.  I’ll see all you Austinites soon at AgileATX, ADNUG, and whatnot. Almost as exciting to … Continue reading 

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500th Post

This is my 500th post on CodeBetter, and as Dogbert would say, it’s a big, round, scary number.  I can’t imagine that I’ll ever make it to a 1,000, so I’ll do my retrospective now.  It’s been a fun ride … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB #18: The Command Executor

EDIT:  Oops on my part.  This is effectively the Active Object pattern.    The rest of the Build your own CAB series can be found at the table of contents.   There’s a thread on the altdotnet list this morning … Continue reading 

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I like this

I don’t care if you’re excited about the new MVC framework or if you’re one of those people that are desensitized to the pain of WebForms, the fact that this graphic was in a blog post from ScottGu has to … Continue reading 

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First Causes: Reversibility

I’ve just started a blog series to talk about how the first causes of software development can help us make better choices and decisions.  In previous posts I talked about how we can know something and how to decide what is … Continue reading 

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I’ve failed as a parent (OT)

My son just asked me to watch cartoons with Scrappy Doo.  That annoying little twerp cartoon character was the bane of my Saturday morning cartoon days.  I still feel betrayed by Hanna Barbera for that one.

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Container Ignorance

There’s a pretty good thread on the altdotnet board around AutoMocking Containers and the role of an IoC tool. I’m going to second something that Ayende said:  …I would say that container ignorance is as important as persistence ignorance. I … Continue reading 

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AutoMocker in StructureMap 2.5

Steve Harman asked me yesterday to show a little demo of the AutoMocking container coming soon in StructureMap 2.5.  Honestly, I was very lukewarm to the idea of an “AutoMocking” container at first because I thought it would obfuscate tests.  Everyone else was … Continue reading 

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UI Test Automation with Project White

I don’t know many details right now, but ThoughtWorks just released something called Project White as a new toolkit for test automation of WinForms and WPF user interfaces.  It might be worth checking out.  It’s released as OSS under the … Continue reading 

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