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In honor of Greg Young


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We need ALT.NET to supplement the traditional .Net leadership

  One of the roles I’d like ALT.NET fulfill within the greater .Net community is to be a second pole of leadership and thought. I say a “second” pole, because the .Net community already has a long standing traditional leadership … Continue reading 

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If you need something in StructureMap, but you can’t build it with new()…

I’ve had 3 separate questions in the past week about this, so I figured it’s blogworthy.  You’ll have to download the latest bits from svn at  Anyway, let’s say you want the HttpContext in StructureMap so that it can … Continue reading 

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The big cutover

Dear Diary, Last week I said that there’s a “Great Refactoring” on every project — and I just committed ours to SVN.  For what I thought were good reasons at the time, we started out with pure WinForms for our … Continue reading 

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ALT.Net on MSDN Magazine

There is a short article I wrote called What is ALT.NET on the back page of the March edition of MSDN Magazine.  Nothing you haven’t seen before if you’re a regular reader here, but it was nice to see something … Continue reading 

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C# 3 is like a Moped

When I was growing up I used to occasionally hear the saying “a Moped is just fast enough to get you into trouble, but not fast enough to get you out of trouble.”  I have no idea where it came … Continue reading 

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Developers abhor a clean whiteboard All code base’s want to have an ICommand abstraction of some sort Sooner or later, a project called TestHarness will appear in your source tree There will be at least one “The Great Refactoring” episode … Continue reading 

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Test what you’re testing

I use the phrase in the title usually to refer to using mock objects in a useless way (mocking ADO.Net or Active Directory or calls to any API that you don’t understand).  When you’re choosing whether to write a small … Continue reading 

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Build your own CAB: The Main Players in the Composite Application Neighborhood

I spent a week in Redmond in January taking part in a focus group on the vision for the P&P’s new Prism work on composite applications.  Part of the week long exercise was to identify the basic building blocks of building large composite clients. This … Continue reading 

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Quotes from the past couple days

Things said to me in the last couple days: “Jeremy, it sounds like you’re building your own CSLA” — you take that back Weston! “You know, if you were using Unity it would have figured it out for you” — … Continue reading 

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