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Agile Antipatterns discussion

From the Java side of the world, a dead on discussion on Agile Anti-Patterns.  Been there, done that, gotten the tee shirt.  I think I’d add: Overly long stand up meetings and/or iteration planning meetings Contention in iteration meetings Not … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought — ALT.NET Seattle Edition

Yeah, I’m a week late with this recap, but I’ve had writer’s block.  The Seattle ALT.NET Open Spaces event was awesome.  The open spaces format is by far and away my favorite format now for developer gatherings.  I love the interactive … Continue reading 

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StructureMap and StoryTeller plans

Just a quick update on stuff because I got a lot of questions about StoryTeller over the weekend.  I’m currently focusing my attention on StructureMap.  I’m giving it the Python 3000 treatment and pretty well gutting some of the internals … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought — MVP Summit 2008 Edition

Just jotting down my notes from the MVP Summit (so I can get on with ALT.NET commentary).  I haven’t seen anything revolutionary, but the conversations are always the best thing anyway.  I’ll sum up the entire summit in one word:  … Continue reading 

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Rightsizing your approach

My last post, I might be an elitist, but you’re a misanthrope, has kicked up a great conversation in the comments.  There’s one viewpoint in the comments that I’d like to challenge a little bit. What if I’m working on … Continue reading 

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I might be an elitist, but you’re a misanthrope

I’ve been in Seattle the past week, first at the MVP Summit and now at the ALT.NET event.  It’s been good to rub shoulders with folks from outside our little ALT.NET cocoon to hear other points of view, but there’s … Continue reading 

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See you next week in Seattle

I was originally only going to the ALT.NET event in Seattle next weekend, but now it looks like I will get to attend the MVP Summit as well.  See you there! 

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Things really are changing in the .Net community

Check out this article about the rationale for the ASP.NET MVC framework on Dr. Dobbs.  Absolutely nothing you haven’t heard before, but it’s written by Dino Esposito.  It’s fine and all to hear this sort of thing from ALT.NET leaning … Continue reading 

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So what am I doing for my first week of blissful unemployment?

I sat down this morning with my notes for the StructureMap 2.5 release to reacquaint myself with the remaining work I wanted to do before the release.  I wanted to just work through the punchlist, but this irresistible voice started … Continue reading 

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The unmentionable subject

I’ve been accidentally cut off from the altdotnet discussion group over the past couple days and I wanted to catch up this morning.  Unfortunately, the first thing I see is a conversation about to Stored Procedure or not.  Not gonna … Continue reading 

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