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The Open/Closed Principle on MSDN

My latest article entitled The Open Closed Principle is available in the June 2008 edition of MSDN Magazine.  I tried to present both the motivation for following the OCP and some design strategies (besides the obvious Plugin example) and related … Continue reading 

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We’re talking past each other on the Entity Framework

Yeah, I know everyone is tired of the Entity Framework argument, but maybe we can start a real discussion.  I’ve seen two very different conversations about the Entity Framework from the data centric folks (pro) and the DDD/TDD/OOP folks (con).  … Continue reading 

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What Dan Simmons forgot to tell you about the Entity Framework

Dan Simmons from the Entity Framework team at Microsoft made a nice post comparing the Entity Framework to other existing tools.  I wanted to pick a little bone with his comparison to NHibernate.  I don’t think he said anything inaccurate, … Continue reading 

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The little things do matter

I, I mean, my friend, just wrapped up an article on object stereotypes.  At the last minute I decided to use an example from a system I worked on several years ago and many employers ago.  I think it was … Continue reading 

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Why do we Refactor?

I’ve been refactoring the StructureMap codebase in preparation for wrapping up the 2.5 release.  I’ve been doing this work with a couple goals in mind. Experimentation.  I’m purposely revisiting some code just to see if I can come up with a better solution … Continue reading 

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Going back to work

I’ve been enjoying being an unemployed goof for the past month, but all good things must come to an end.  I’m starting a new position next month with the gang over at Dovetail Software. I’ve always enjoyed being around the … Continue reading 

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I finally get Git

Last week I listened to Scott “blogs are obsolete” Bellware expound on the virtues of Git and distributed source control.  I nodded politely and thought to myself that good ol’ centralized Subversion doesn’t cause me the slightest bit of pain … Continue reading 

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My friend needs some help on an article

I would never do this, but a “friend” of mine has procrastinated entirely too long and let a deadline for an article sneak up on him.  Here’s a couple ideas that my friend has for his next article.  The article … Continue reading 

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Would you do it differently today?

A year and a half ago I wrote a post called My Gameplan for Starting a New Project from Scratch that just detailed my thoughts on starting up a new project.  I was asked via email last week if I … Continue reading 

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