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Before you use an IoC tool, some concepts to know first

  JEREMY’s NOTE:  I’m trying to rewrite the StructureMap documentation today, and I’m going to blog most of it out here as I finish it until Brendan tells me to stop polluting the main feed.  This article is intended to … Continue reading 

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The all positive post

I’m a month into our new project and working with a lot of new technologies.  When I moved from the desktop back to the web I got some condolences from friends, but it’s always fun to do different things and … Continue reading 

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I’m speaking at Agile Austin on Tuesday

I’m giving a talk this coming Tueday at Agile Austin on “How does design get done on an Agile Project?” that’s free to everyone.  I’ll post the slides here afterwards.  See you there.   From the website:  Description      Agile projects … Continue reading 

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Spicing up our NHibernate Fluent Interface with pluggable conventions

I’m adding pluggable type conventions to our NHibernate mapping Fluent Interface today:   public interface ITypeConvention { bool CanHandle(Type type); void AlterMap(IProperty property); } public interface IProperty { void AddAlteration(Action action); void UseThisType() where T : IUserType; void SetAttributeOnPropertyElement(string name, … Continue reading 

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Does our addiction on visual tooling harm the rate of innovation in the .Net world?

Here’s a peripheral argument to the current EF ruckus:  Is the focus on visual tooling hindering the rate of innovation in the .Net world?  At the ALT.NET event in Seattle, we started with a fishbowl session on polyglot programming (basically, … Continue reading 

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StructureMap 2.4.9 Preview Release is available

A preview release of StructureMap 2.5 is available now at  The code is completely baked (minus some convenience methods I’m going to throw in), but I’m lagging on the documentation (life has been intruding on my side project time … Continue reading 

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It’s either puke worthy or elegant

protected static T redirectTo<T, CONTROLLER>(Expression<Func<CONTROLLER, object>> expression) where T : ViewModel, new(){ return new T() {Override = new ControllerRedirectResult<CONTROLLER>(expression)};} Just a wee bit of code we’re using in our MVC Controller base class.  I’m happy with what it *does,* but … Continue reading 

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Working faster and fewer mapping errors with NHibernate

EDIT:  To access the codebase below, the user name is “guest” and the password is blank.     Yesterday, David Laribee related some problems he experienced with refactorings in his domain model leading to some breaking problems with NHibernate … Continue reading 

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A bad argument

I browsed blogs for the first time in a couple weeks the other day.  Somewhere in a static typed vs dynamic typed languages argument post some clown said (paraphrasing), “we don’t need no stinkin’ Ruby because we can do metaprogramming … Continue reading 

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StructureMap 2.5 will be released on June 23rd

Several people have asked, and I’m getting anxious to get it out.  I’ve got just a couple little coding tasks to do, then about a week of writing docs, examples, and tutorial thingies.  I originally planned to make this release … Continue reading 

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