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The great thing about me is that there’s so many of me

Geek points for identifying the movie quote from the title.    Okay, I’m going to get this completely out of my system in one go and not do it anymore.  I used to roll my eyes at people that only … Continue reading 

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My friend Weston is looking for some good Agile .Net developers in Austin

My friend Weston Binford is looking for some good .Net developers in Austin.  Austin.  Agile.  Place where they actually care about doing things well.  Maybe go to JP’s “I will make you awesome in one absurdly action-packed week” class.  What’s … Continue reading 

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Ward & I talk over the EF Vote of No Confidence Document

The second part of Ward Bell & I’s conversation on ORM is up at the ALT.NET Podcast.  In this part we dive right into the vote of no confidence document that kicked up so (much more than was justified) fuss … Continue reading 

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Ward’s Wiki is still a great resource

I have no idea if it’s still being updated, but I’m floored by how useful and relevant Ward’s Wiki is today 10+ years after its inception.  I’m doing research for an article today and the single most helpful source of … Continue reading 

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New StructureMap users group on GoogleGroups

Chad was kind enough to create a new StructureMap users group on GoogleGroups.  I’m running very behind on StructureMap docs and not doing a good job of answering support emails at the moment, but I’m hopeful that the new group … Continue reading 

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Ward Bell and I wade into O/R Mapping Issues

Ward Bell from IdeaBlade and I recorded an episode of the ALT.NET Podcast with Mike Moore on Object Relational Mapping.  It’s a two parter, with the first part being a discussion on what we want from O/R Mapping, and the … Continue reading 

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Classes that show up in every project

Just out of whimsy, here’s my list of classes or interfaces that seem to show up in every project I work on.   Bootstrapper – sets up StructureMap and whatever UI machinery.  I formalized this in StructureMap 2.5 for diagnostic … Continue reading 

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How does design get done on an Agile Project?

Last week I gave a talk at Agile Austin entitled “How does design get done on an Agile Project?”  The slide deck can be downloaded here, and, thanks to Chad Myers, you can watch the video feed on Viddler.  (There … Continue reading 

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Let’s see, if I…

…am facing a hard problem, that seems like it must be a common scenario, I should probably… Write an all new logging tool?  Um, no. Reinvent Sql?  Um, no Use IL generation?  Immediately stop whatever it is you’re trying to … Continue reading 

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