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Separate Assemblies != Loose Coupling

Sorry guys, but it’s time to rant.  I see so many people needlessly complicating their architecture and deployment by insisting on using separate assemblies for every layer of the app or even doing the trick where interfaces are in one … Continue reading 

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Agile is more disciplined than Waterfal, so sayeth Jason Yip (and me)

Jason Yip has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time.  This morning I caught a post from Jason Yip called More thinking about “Agile” vs “Waterfall.”  He echoed something that I’ve thought ever since I moved over … Continue reading 

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Using StructureMap 2.5 to inject your Entity objects into Services

Forget the neverending argument on the ALT.NET list about whether or not it’s acceptable to inject services into an Entity object (for the record, I say “no way”).  What if you want to go the other way around?  What if … Continue reading 

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Jeremy’s Penultimate Law of Continuous Integration

Just to add to Laribee’s Final Rule of Continuous Integration about never going home with a broken build: Do not leave your giant check in until just before quitting time.  The CI build will NEVER function correctly 5 minutes before … Continue reading 

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Jeremy’s Other Laws of Continuous Integration

Since the first one inevitably irritated people, let’s go for rule #2 & #3: 2.) Check in as often as you come to a stopping point.  The more frequently you check in, the less troubling your merge conflicts will be.  … Continue reading 

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Jeremy’s First Law of Continuous Integration

If you check in very often and/or first, you can make merge conflicts be someone else’s problem

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Question of the Day

The difficulty and pain of TDD adoption is a hot topic over the last couple days.  I’m working on an article on testability and design this morning.  In writing the summary I caught myself saying that there are some exceptional … Continue reading 

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Let’s go back to the basics of Cohesion and Coupling

Recently, I’ve seen a nice trend out on the blogosphere on going back and revisiting the basics of programming like this post from Scott Hanselman and this podcast from the Herding Code gang.  My contribution to this trend just went … Continue reading 

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Nice quote from Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz

 …I don’t like the term “best practices” – it sends out a “you don’t have to think anymore” message which is oh-so-incorrect Read the rest from Arnon here:  Architecture – It’s always a tradeoff

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Pablo’s Days of TDD

As Chad announced this week, the Los Techies guys are putting on a free developer event called “Pablo’s Days of TDD*.”  The goal is to do a series of workshops and labs at the novice and intermediate levels.  I’ll be … Continue reading 

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