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Monthly Archives: September 2008

P&P Architectural Guidance Version 2

The Patterns and Practices team is *finally* updating their architectural guidance.  You can see J. D. Meier’s announcement of it here.  Interestingly enough, they’re going to do it through CodePlex.  I love the new openness from Microsoft.  Ages ago, I … Continue reading 

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The best (and next best) possible advice I could give you about using the MVC framework

I ditched quite a bit of some complicated server side state management / screen workflow around the MVC framework today in favor of just a little bit of client side code with the jQuery.Form component.  The lesson learned today for … Continue reading 

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I’m surrounded!

Just out of coincidence, I’m wearing my Los Techies t-shirt today.  My coworker Josh Flanagan joined Los Techies today.  That makes me the lone CodeBetter guy in a sea of Los Techies guys in Austin. My team (minus Raif who … Continue reading 

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Using the StructureMap Container independently of ObjectFactory

From the StructureMap list I saw a link to an .Net IoC tool roundup that included some mildly inaccurate comments about StructureMap (which I’ll blame on lack o’ documentation for SM 2.5, it’s on my plate, I swear!).  Specifically, the … Continue reading 

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"Extension Method" in JavaScript

I have to admit a secret.  I actually like JavaScript as a programming language — especially now with jQuery and QUnit.  It’s more out of nostalgia for my earlier programming days doing DHTML applications than the fact that JavaScript is … Continue reading 

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Microsoft doing Language Oriented Programming with Oslo? Are they serious about it, or just taunting me?

Ok, I was totally ready to dismiss Oslo out of hand as yet another “Visual Programming” silver bullet wannabe from Microsoft that helps teams quickly create unmaintainable code, but I saw this little line in Doug Purdy’s post on Oslo: … Continue reading 

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What would you like to see at the Continuous Improvement Workshops?

I’m supposed to turn in the title and abstract for the workshop I’m giving as part of the Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference in Austin (what an awkward name, but Kaizenconf sounds even sillier).  There is going to be … Continue reading 

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