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A Quick StoryTeller Update

I announced the StoryTeller reboot a couple weeks ago.  I had a couple people email me about it, or volunteering to help.  I didn’t respond (I’m sorry) because I didn’t know quite how things were going to go.  I think … Continue reading 

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StructureMap 2.5 is Released!

As of, oh, whenever SourceForge ends up cooperating and uploading the file, StructureMap 2.5 is officially released! The binaries are available for download now at For the first time in quite a while, the binary release includes a new … Continue reading 

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Initializing and Configuring a StructureMap Container

More dribs and drabs of StructureMap documentation.  I’ve gotten quite a few questions over the difference between Initialize() and Configure().  I hope that this will help with that confusion.  Another goal is to present the Initialize() method.  StructureMapConfiguration has turned … Continue reading 

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Embedding StructureMap configuration into the App.config file

The System.Configuration namespace in the .Net framework provides a lot of functionality for caching and encrypting configuration.  To take advantage of this functionality StructureMap offers an option to embed configuration directly into the App.config file (web.config for web development).  Just … Continue reading 

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The StructureMap.Config File

More docs.  I’m working on it.   In the beginning, StructureMap configuration began and ended with a single file named "StructureMap.config" in the application base folder that contained StructureMap Xml configuration (in short, wherever your App.config file would go).  Today, … Continue reading 

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Contest to create the best definition of ‘DSL’

There’s a catch though.  You have to speak as if you were Justice Gray.  A winning entry must contain words like metrosexual or reference hair products.  A winning entry may also simply make the average person very uncomfortable and make … Continue reading 

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The Shade Tree Halloween Special

Years ago, SD Magazine used to feature a section in the October issue on software horror stories.  In honor of one of my favorite (since departed) publications, I’d like to continue the Halloween traditions by reliving some of the worst … Continue reading 

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Our “Opinions” on the ASP.NET MVC (Introducing the Thunderdome Principle)

I’ve got my asbestos underwear on, so flame away…   So many of us are so thrilled at seeing an official Front Controller / MVC framework for ASP.NET development that I think we’ve forgotten to ask ourselves “Is this thing … Continue reading 

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Using the StructureMap Container independent of ObjectFactory

More dribs and drabs of StructureMap 2.5 documentation.  At the pace I’m on, I do believe that Duke Nukem Forever will be released tomorrow night. Knock on wood. New to 2.5 is the ability to create an instance of the … Continue reading 

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Profile’s in StructureMap

This feature has been in StructureMap from the very beginning, but I don’t think that I’ve ever documented it very well.  More docs: From the very beginning, StructureMap has supported the ability to define a named set of default instances … Continue reading 

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