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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Using StructureMap 2.5 to scan all assemblies in a folder

In a magical confluence of events, I’m free from all parental and spousal responsibilities today and I’m trying to use the day to write StructureMap docs.  Hopefully, this is the first post of several today. This is the very last … Continue reading 

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Test Automation Brain Dump

I’m working to revamp our test automation strategy this week and next.  By test automation here I’m referring to full or partial stack tests that exercise the application from website to database and back again rather than just the normal … Continue reading 

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I got kicked out of the cool kid’s club this morning

I actually suggested using Xml today as a solution for expressing automated tests for the new StoryTeller engine as a short to intermediate term solution.  I was immediately jumped on by my ALT.NET-loving cohorts (and if the shoes had been … Continue reading 

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you write a fairly complicated integration test to exercise some the interplay between different classes and some brand new DSL code… and the test passes on the first try… is the explanation:   A) You’re damn good.  Clean design.  Good … Continue reading 

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StoryTeller is Dead. Long live StoryTeller!

I worked on and off again for about 2 years on a new OSS project called StoryTeller.  My original goal was to create a better editing and test management tool for Fit tests than the FitNesse Wiki approach.  I had … Continue reading 

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Setter Injection in StructureMap 2.5

I know this isn’t the most exciting post I’ve ever written, but I’m blogging the new StructureMap 2.5 documentation as I create it.  I’ve done quite a bit of work in StructureMap 2.5 to extend the support for Setter Injection … Continue reading 

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If the .Net BCL is drywall, Extension Methods are spackle

I know many people get upset at the very idea of Extension Methods, but I already consider them to be an indispensable part of my programming toolkit.  I’m seeing so many times where a quick extension method can make code … Continue reading 

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