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Agile .Net Developer Opportunity in Atlanta

My friend and former colleague Paul Gale is looking to build a strong Agile .Net team in Atlanta.  If you’re interested, here are the details from the man himself: I am looking to build a team of up to 6 … Continue reading 

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I’ll be back to the land of the living next week

Call this an open apology, with an unfortunately true excuse.  I’m pathetically behind in email correspondance and answering questions on the StructureMap board (I was sick, then I had QCon, plus I’m just plain slow to begin with).  I have … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought – QCon San Francisco 2008

I’ve been at QCon San Francisco most of the week, and I think I can say that content wise, it’s the best “eyes forward” conference I’ve ever attended.  I’m finished with all my speaking and relatively satisfied with how it … Continue reading 

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Thoughts on the Decline and Fall of Agile

If you haven’t already, go give this post from Jim Shore a read. I’ve seen a lot of commenters on this post so far, and their thoughts generally mirror my own.  You can’t take the “desserts” of Agile practices like … Continue reading 

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Some Reading on Essence vs. Ceremony

In both my next MSDN article and a bit of my QCon talk I’m exploring the topic of “Essence vs. Ceremony” applied to .Net architectures.  Along the way, I reread this gem from Stuart Holloway: Ending Legacy Code Within Our … Continue reading 

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At QCon next week

Next week I’m presenting the Joys and Pains of Long-Lived Codebase’s at QCon San Francisco.  In my 5+ years of evolving the StructureMap code far away from its original intentions I’ve learned some hard lessons.  In my talk I’ll share … Continue reading 

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Don’t Check in Spike Code…

…into the trunk. Just like the title says, do NOT check “spike” code into the source control trunk.  When you do an exploratory spike, you’re generally throwing good coding practices completely out the window.  You’re on a focused mission to … Continue reading 

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Evolution of a Developer (in regards to DI/IoC)

I’m putting together a new quickstart for StructureMap tonight.  In looking over my notes, I found a draft from earlier this year where I was trying to argue the value proposition of an IoC container.   I’m scrapping most of that … Continue reading 

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My best days as a coder

Last time I was negative and sarcastic, so this time I want to be positive.  My best days as a coder were: When I used to write Shadow IT apps for my engineering team, anytime I wrote something that eliminated … Continue reading 

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Upcoming Posts

I had tonight reserved as my night to do all those blog posts I’ve promised folks, but I ended up moving boxes all night and I’m crashing instead.  For all of you that have made requests, in the next couple … Continue reading 

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