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Monthly Archives: November 2008

What’s your worst day as a coder?

Yesterday I was switching our test automation driver layer from WatiN to Selenium RC (Firefox / Chrome / Opera support and I was livid with the COM errors from IE in WatiN).  I think I’m glad that we made the … Continue reading 

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How to design your data connectivity strategy

I’m scurrying at lunch to finish reviewing some architectural guidelines for the P&P group (I’ll be done today, I promise).  I stumbled across a section with the same title as this blog post.  I’ll answer the question concisely: Pull an … Continue reading 

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Time to slow down the Oslo hype

This quote about Oslo & SOA is over the top: Because the software infrastructure that supports your business model is not based on some gobbledygook that only the guy with the pocket protector and horn rimmed glasses understands. The software that … Continue reading 

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There’s nothing worse…

…than being a developer who leaves the office with a pernicious coding problem unsolved – mostly due to working with a technology I’m not familiar with.  I spent a couple hours at the end of the day trying to make … Continue reading 

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Chad & I get Opinionated about the ASP.NET MVC

The videos for Chad & I’s talk on our MVC usage from KaizenConf this past week is available on Viddler.  This workshop covered the content from the Our “Opinions” on the ASP.NET MVC post from a couple weeks back with … Continue reading 

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