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StructureMap 2.5.1 is Released

I just uploaded a new incremental release of StructureMap with a bunch of bugfixes and a few new features.  Download it here. From the release notes: * Fixed issue with With<T>(object).GetInstance<U>() functionality.  This is now much more robust.* Bug fix … Continue reading 

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In case you didn’t already know this…

If TestDriven.Net or the ReSharper test runner crater violently, you need to think about where you could be getting a StackOverflowException.

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Improvements in the StructureMap AutoMocker

Josh just checked some stuff into the trunk last night to address some versioning conflict issues we’ve had with RhinoMocks.  There is also an AutoMocker strategy for Moq as well.

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My “Best Of” for 2008

I haven’t been nearly as prolific a blogger as I used to be this year, so this one is going to be short.  Below is a list of my blog posts from the last year and change that I thought … Continue reading 

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Design and Testability

EDIT 12/23/2008:  I believe this post has been massively misconstrued in the comments.  Apparently, my analogy here was terrible from the way so many people are distorting what I was trying to say.  For the record,  I DID NOT SAY … Continue reading 

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I’m demo-ing StoryTeller online tomorrow night (10/10/08)

Since Chad is putting me on the spot for this, I’ll be doing a demo and leading a discussion on the StoryTeller reboot for the ALT.NET Online Open meeting tomorrow night. StoryTeller is my attempt at creating a new FIT … Continue reading 

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I can respect a good riposte A.)  I’m a bit embarrassed by the backwards compatibility issue in StructureMap 2.5, but then again, breaking backwards compatibility cleaned a lot of crap up and made for a better user experience.  Most of the things I eliminated were … Continue reading 

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Stuff I do like

So Brad Wilson basically said on Twitter today that I was being too negative.  Since that’s like Debbie Downer asking you to be a little more upbeat, I thought I’d balance that with some stuff that I do like: The … Continue reading 

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I love Ayende (and OSS)

 From one of Ayende‘s many OSS projects.     /// This class actually already exists in the System.Core assembly…as an internal class.     /// I can only speculate as to why it is internal, but it is obviously much too dangerous … Continue reading 

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Question of the Day — What’s Worse?

From Twitter yesterday, I was griping about how once you use a Generics Constraint once and suddenly that same constraint has to immediately ripple through the call stack.  Scott Allen posed me a stumper of a question: What’s worse: generic … Continue reading 

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