Quickie StructureMap Update for Jan ‘09



Before the holidays I more or less promised the stuff below (and status in bold red).  The short status is that I’m going to post a completely new StructureMap website with *complete* documentation and examples by the end of the week.  I will also be making a small 2.5.2 release by Friday the 9th (I just want to finish the documentation and do more dogfooding at work first).


  1. A Silverlight ready version (i.e. a cutdown StructureMap) Not started.  Targeting late January
  2. Finish the Mono support.  It’s very close, but I want to make sure. Tobias Grimm has sent me several patches for this to me and says that StructureMap is compiling, running, and passing all unit tests on Mono.
  3. The *#%$ “BuildUp” functionality that allows you to do setter injection on an object that’s created somewhere else.  Thank you ASP.Net. Done in Trunk (will release in 2.5.2)
  4. Convention based setter injection (low hanging fruit) Done in Trunk (will release in 2.5.2).  Shamelessly stole this idea from Ninject.
  5. A guarantee that StructureMap will function in partially trusted environments, or at least real guidance on what it can and cannot do  Not Started.  I’m going to put my current project into Medium Trust and just see what happens.
  6. “Missing Instance” handlers Done in Trunk (will release in 2.5.2)
  7. A “ConditionalInstance” that will give you easier ways to do conditional construction Done in Trunk (will release in 2.5.2)
  8. Improved diagnostics.  The error output and the output from StructureMapDoctor and ObjectFactory.AssertConfigurationIsValid() could be a lot better Putting off to a 2.5.3 release



  1. Idiomatic StructureMap Prism Bootstrapper I have preliminary notes on this, and it isn’t big.  I expect to have this released by 1/9/09 in 2.5.2. 
  2. Complete Documentation 75% done.  See here for the docs in Subversion.  Feedback on the docs would be much appreciated.



For the record, I typed ‘09 the first time I had to write down a date this year.  First time ever to get it right.

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Jeremy is the Chief Software Architect at Dovetail Software, the coolest ISV in Austin. Jeremy began his IT career writing "Shadow IT" applications to automate his engineering documentation, then wandered into software development because it looked like more fun. Jeremy is the author of the open source StructureMap tool for Dependency Injection with .Net, StoryTeller for supercharged acceptance testing in .Net, and one of the principal developers behind FubuMVC. Jeremy's thoughts on all things software can be found at The Shade Tree Developer at http://codebetter.com/jeremymiller.
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