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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Topics for Tonight’s VAN Call (1/14/’09)

For tonight’s VAN call I’ve been volunteered to start the discussion.  I’ll be showing some advanced StructureMap usages, sharing some lessons learned from the development of StructureMap, and talking about the tricks at your disposal for crafting internal DSL’s in … Continue reading 

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"Missing Instance" in StructureMap

I meant it when I threatened a StructureMap post a day.  “Missing Instance” is a new feature I added to StructureMap 2.5.2 that is directly inspired by the Method Missing feature in dynamic languages like Ruby.  Sometimes you might be … Continue reading 

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Chad & I Talk FubuMVC / SOLID on Herding Code

The Herding Code guys just posted an interview with Chad & I on FubuMVC and SOLID principles.  The conversation might be a decent supplement to Hanselman’s interview with Uncle Bob on SOLID principles.  The difference is that we went from … Continue reading 

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Open Generic Types in StructureMap

This is taken from the StructureMap docs at http://structuremap.sourceforge.net/Generics.htm.  The code samples will probably be more readable there.  If you listen to Chad & I’s appearance on Herding Code, this is the example of IoC usage I was describing (poorly). … Continue reading 

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IronRuby is running Gems now

 Awesome.  Just the other day I had a conversation where we were wondering if IronRuby was still going strong.  Apparently, the answer is yes.  It doesn’t sound like they’re done, but still, it’s a big symbolic step.   Ok, apparently … Continue reading 

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StructureMap 2.5.2 is Released

I just released StructureMap 2.5.2 on SourceForge.  You can download it here.  This release contains some new features: The IContainer is always injected into the Container itself.  This means that you can expect a constructor argument of type “IContainer” to … Continue reading 

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It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s… StructureMap Documentation!!!

No seriously, it’s true!  I just uploaded the documentation that I’ve been working on since last May.  This is the first significant refresh of the website (ok, not style-wise) in about 3 years.  Check it out at the StructureMap Home … Continue reading 

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Welcome Dru Sellers to CodeBetter

Let’s all welcome Dru Sellers to the CodeBetter family of bloggers.  Dru is very engaged in the ALT.NET community and with Chris Patterson writes the open source Mass Transit tool (“lean service bus implementation”).  I think the OSS service bus … Continue reading 

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James Gregory on the AutoMapping Features of Fluent NHibernate

I think the convention based “AutoMapping” abilities in Fluent NHibernate are one of the most exciting new things out there.  James Gregory has started to publish a series of blog posts describing its usage: Auto Mapping Introduction  Auto Mapping Conventions  … Continue reading 

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My Topic Proposals for ALT.NET Seattle ’09

ALT.NET Seattle is 6-7 weeks away, but it’s not too early to think about what we want on the agenda. I enjoyed KaizenConf, but I’m looking forward to skewing the sessions back toward more technical content.  My Topics: Using Language … Continue reading 

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