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Update on the YAGNI Episode

Sometimes I write a blog post knowing that it’s stupid and just going to get me (justifiably) flamed, but yet I still click “Publish” anyway.  In the whole “table layout vs absolute positioning with CSS vs a jQuery Layout Manager” … Continue reading 

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Getting all Elegant

I got to record a podcast with the Elegant Code guys last week on a range of subjects (StructureMap, DSL development, web development with MVC, convention based programming).  They just posted it here. I’m going to go back in a … Continue reading 

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A Quick Example of YAGNI / Simplest Thing Possible in Action

If you’ve ever worked on an Agile/XP team you’ve surely heard something in the lines of “Let’s YAGNI that. (YAGNI == You aren’t gonna need it)”  You’ve probably also heard the phrase “do the simplest thing that could possibly work.”  … Continue reading 

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Reminder: Jimmy Bogard on the VAN Call Tonight

Just a quick reminder, the Virtual ALT.NET call is this evening.  Austin’s own Jimmy Bogard is going to be speaking about TDD.  The details are:   Time: Start Time: Monday, Feb 09, 2009 9:00 PM GMT -6 (CST) End Time: … Continue reading 

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Great writing from my colleagues

The Dovetail gang is churning out material this week.  Chad checks in with an article originally published in CoDe Magazine: Speed Up Project Delivery with Repeatability.  I think he’s absolutely dead on in this article, and it’s worth a read … Continue reading 

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StructureMap 2.5.3 is Released – and the future of StructureMap

  I just uploaded the binary release for StructureMap 2.5.3 (download it here).  It’s mostly just a small bug fix release, but there are some new little features that might be helpful.  The new stuff is:     GetInstance<T>(name) with … Continue reading 

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Just so you know…

This test will never pass, no matter how hard you try: “template.ShouldNotBeTheSameAs(template);” Might be time for me to call it a night.

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“I think that maintaining your technical chops is a full time job.”

Quickie update:  Joel has invited Uncle Bob onto the show.  I’ll be looking forward to it.   Uncle Bob responding to a podcast conversation between Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood.  Besides Uncle Bob’s obvious irritation at the StackOverflow duo, he … Continue reading 

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