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Persistence Patterns in MSDN Magazine

The April edition of MSDN Magazine includes my latest article for the “Patterns in Practice” column.  This time around I tackled very basic Persistence Patterns.  My goal in this article was merely to introduce and explain some of the core … Continue reading 

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Some great DSL reading

Bradley Cross has been a machine spitting out great posts on building and using Domain Specific Languages: Semantic Model Driven DSL’s — You guys that are coming into DSL’s by first exposure to Oslo should look at this too.  My … Continue reading 

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Dovetail Hiring Senior Software Tester or Test Engineer

Wanna be our Tester?  We’re pretty decent now, but we could be awesome with the right tester on the team.  Here’s the job posting:   Dovetail Hiring Senior Software Tester or Test Engineer Work for one of the most … Continue reading 

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If you’ve ever wondered what Query/Command Separation means

Ok, the Distributed DDD guys are repurposing Query Command Separation to mean something more specific as an architectural pattern, but at the method level it just means that a method should either clearly change the state of the system or … Continue reading 

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"A" way of dealing with dates in automated tests

Dates are annoying in automated tests.  You’ll inevitably have all kinds of business rules like “if the case is unresolved and older than 15 days send a nasty email to the owner of the case to tell them to get … Continue reading 

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Can we declare programming in Xml to be dead yet?

I’m writing a brief article today as a brief teaser on my StructureMap lessons learned talk for NDC 2009.  One of the 3 main themes of this talk is just about how our aesthetic expectations of a framework have changed … Continue reading 

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The second to worst "Nigerian Scam" email I’ve ever received

You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, just scan your spam folder because it’s a safe bet that you’ve got some of these in there.  Check this one out: FROM THE DESK OF DR.WILLIAM ADAMA. MANAGER FOREIGN … Continue reading 

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What makes a system hard to work with?

I’m getting started (after I finish 2 others that are already late) on a new article roughly titled “What does ‘Good’ Design Mean?”  My whole thesis for the paper is really a fullblown refutation of the “quality doesn’t matter” folks.  … Continue reading 

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I can’t believe I…

 Let’s call this an early Thanksgiving post. I can’t believe I… Ever attempted to use mock objects before the AAA style Used strict mocks Did web development without Firebug Wrote JavaScript before jQuery existed Used Visual Studio without ReSharper (the … Continue reading 

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Why I Prefer the MVC/Model 2 Style over WebForms

The prosecution rests its case.  Are you seriously going to try to tell me again that WebForms is simpler?

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