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Persistence Patterns: Cascading Updates

This content was cut from my most recent MSDN article on Persistence Patterns for length and possibly quality.  What the heck, it’s an important topic that throws some people off and it’s also something that many people who are new … Continue reading 

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More Persistence Patterns in MSDN

EDIT:  I missed something the first time around.  If some persistence tool makes it so that I can only put business logic in my domain models using a partial class, that’s an automatic FAIL!   My latest article in the … Continue reading 

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The Joys and Pains of a Long Lived Codebase — The Video

InfoQ just posted the video from my talk at QCon San Francisco 2008. In this talk I went over some of the harsh lessons I learned from 5+ years of working with the StructureMap code, including: How classic “Big Noun” … Continue reading 

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Looking at 6 month old code…

…and I’m not horrified (much) at what I’m seeing.  Is it: A.) That the code is really okay B.) I haven’t learned anything new in the past 6 months C.) I just haven’t looked hard enough   UPDATE:  As we … Continue reading 

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Sneek Peek at StoryTeller (i.e. my FitNesse killer for .Net)

I’ve gotten pinged 4-5 times in the past week about just where I’m at with StoryTeller development.  I think I’m finally closing in on something that I could release at least as a preview.  Just to prove that I’m still … Continue reading 

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Revitalizing a Technical Career

A good friend of mine recently asked my how he might go about revitalizing his career.  I’m putting some words in his mouth here, but I’m pretty sure that he’s interested in getting back into hands on development and moving … Continue reading 

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