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Talking conventions with the Hanselman

Scott Hanselman posted a podcast he & I recorded at NDC last week.  We nominally talked about applying conventions and opinionated software to .Net, then we went off on every possible tangent that presented itself.

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NDC 2009 Wrapup

I’m on my way back from the Norwegian Developer’s Conference in Oslo this past week.  I had a fantastic time meeting some new people, hanging out with friends, interacting with a couple heroes, and seeing a little bit of Norway.  … Continue reading 

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For the most part, I try to dogfood all new versions and flavors of StructureMap and StoryTeller at Dovetail.  Just in case my boss reads this, that’s largely okay because all of StoryTeller and many StructureMap enhancements are built for … Continue reading 

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A Quiet Milestone

I wouldn’t read too much into this, but while I was giving my talk at the Austin .Net User’s Group last night I asked the crowd how many people were doing some form of Agile or just plain iterative development.  … Continue reading 

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Convention over Configuration at ADNUG on Monday the 8th

For all of you in Austin or thereabouts, I’ll be speaking this coming Monday at Adnug on “Conventions over Configuration.”  I hope to see you there (and at Rudy’s afterwards).

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Yes, I’m going to finish "Build Your Own CAB" (sorta)

Over the past couple years I’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback on my “Build Your Own CAB” series on design patterns for building desktop applications. Unfortunately, a lot of the feedback is “it’d be really nice if you’d … Continue reading 

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