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Screen Activation Lifecycle at Virtual ALT.NET in August

I will be presenting some preliminary material from my “Presentation Patterns” book on Virtual ALT.NET during the first two weeks of August.  For August 5th I’m going to talk about what I call the “Screen Activation Lifecycle.”  Think of an … Continue reading 

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Incremental Delivery and Continuous Design

My latest article is up on MSDN magazine for August, and this will be what finally gets me kicked out.  This time around I tackled some subjects very near and dear to my little developer’s heart:  Incremental Delivery Through Continuous … Continue reading 

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The TFS MVP Kerfluffle

I just want more people to go rant in the comments on this one.  A Deleted Response to a TFS Blog Post.  It’s a perfect microcosm of why the MVP program shouldn’t be taken very seriously by the community. I’ve … Continue reading 

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Linq for NHibernate is released

I’ll let you go read Ayende’s post on Linq for NHibernate.  Team Dovetail has been using it for over a year without any problems — but we don’t do crazy data centric reporting and projections type work.   The official … Continue reading 

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Write Your Own Diagnostics for StructureMap (and yet more fun with Linq)

One place that I’ll swear up and down that StructureMap laps the other IoC containers is in the realm of diagnostics – mostly because StructureMap is the only one I know of with any diagnostics.  You might already be using … Continue reading 

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How I’m using the Event Aggregator Pattern in StoryTeller

In my last post I did a braindump on the Event Aggregator pattern, and me being me, I was critical of the Prism approach for what I feel is needless complexity of usage.  Just to even the score and allow … Continue reading 

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Braindump on the Event Aggregator Pattern

I’m working up my chapter on the “Event Aggregator” pattern for my book this evening and I’m starting by collecting my thoughts on the subject.  If you feel like you have to comment and give me free advice for this … Continue reading 

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Control vs. Velocity

I’m sure by now that you’ve seen or at least seen references to Tom DeMarco’s article in IEEE entitled “Software Engineering:  An Idea Whose Time has Come and Gone.”  It’s been a week or so and I’m still not quite … Continue reading 

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Introducing the Common Service Factory — IoC and WCF living in harmony

I occasionally get questions about how to use StructureMap with WCF services, and largely punt because I don’t use WCF.  Fortunately, Andreas the Code Junkie has released the Common Service Factory project on Codeplex that allows you to integrate any … Continue reading 

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What I’ve Learned over the Last Five Years

While (procrastinating) cleaning off old files on my computer I found this small essay I wrote last spring that was never published.  This is an introduction to this talk online. You want your codebase to last right? It’s one thing … Continue reading 

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