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I thought this was funny

We started our web test automation efforts using Selenium RC to drive the Internet Explorer browser.  Unsurprisingly, we eventually threw our hands up in the air over the insane instability of IE7 and got it to work quite well against … Continue reading 

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StructureMap and MassTransit Together

My esteemed Dovetail colleague and fellow live music fanatic Kevin Miller has written a long blog post about how to take advantage of advanced StructureMap features to streamline MassTransit configuration.  Enjoy.

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Talking about StoryTeller and Executable Requirements on Elegant Code

David Starr interviewed me a week or so ago about StoryTeller.  Since yesterday’s introduction was a bit terse, here’s much more about what StoryTeller is conceptually and the problems that it tries to solve.

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How about a StoryTeller Preview Release!

  Ok, so first I betcha wanna know what StoryTeller is and why you might care.  StoryTeller is my attempt at creating a tool that’s useful for creating “Executable Requirements” in .Net development.  The Hanselman caught me talking about StoryTeller … Continue reading 

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Presentation Patterns on Herding Code

Ward, Glenn, Rob & I descend on Herding Code to talk over stuff around Presentation Patterns in the first part of a very long podcast conversation. 

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Acceptance Test “Lifecycle”

        In my last post I introduced my favorite way to put a “TODO” in code.  Several commenter’s mentioned checking in unfinished integration tests as kind of a marker to measure the progress of outstanding work.  My … Continue reading 

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Fluent NHibernate goes 1.0

James Gregory says that Fluent NHibernate is now 1.0RC. 

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My favorite form of a “TODO” in code

I tweeted this yesterday, but confused some folks because, well, because it’s Twitter and using 140 character sound bytes is a terrible way to communicate.  I’m working on StoryTeller this morning to finally add a “Delete Test” contextual action to … Continue reading 

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Presentation Patterns on Virtual ALT.Net

Just a quick reminder.  I will be speaking on the North American Virtual ALT.NET again this Wednesday night on Presentation Patterns.  This time around I’m doing a *very* informal talk around topics related to Separated Presentation patterns: What’s the problem? … Continue reading 

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The Presentation Patterns Wiki is live!

There isn’t a lot there right now, but I think I’m ready to announce that the “Presentation Patterns” Wiki is live!  I’m trying to play out of the Martin Fowler playbook and write my first draft out in the open … Continue reading 

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